Thursday, October 19, 2006

Steve took this cute picture of me and mom. Too bad she isn't smiling here!! I think she looks a lot like Grandma Burney here... Posted by Picasa

This is Steve and I at Plymouth Orchards in Plymouth. It was a great day!!
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This is Steve and I at the Lions game on October 15th. Don't we look cute!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What A Weekend!!
Steve and I had a great weekend! On Friday night we went to dinner with the Mossers. I had Addison in my 3rd and 5th grade classes and I got pretty close to her family. Steve and I met them in Ann Arbor at Mongolian BBQ. It was sooooo tasty!! We were supposed to go to the corn maze after, but it was too cold and Steve chickened out.
Saturday we had Main Dish at 3:00 with Aimee. We had a good time... made our food and were out of there in 45 minutes. We got home and then mom came over and we headed over to Plymouth Orchards for our annual cider mill trip!! We took some pictures of the animals and then we went inside and had some cider and a donut. We were going to go shopping, but mom wanted us to drop her off so she could drive home. Steve and I headed to Target and got some stuff (a cat gym thingy, Skittles for my math lesson on Friday and other Halloween goodies). Then we drove to the AWESOME Halloween store on Michigan Ave. While driving we were listening to the Tiger game and THEY WON!!!! It was awesome!!! Completely swept the A's!!!

On Sunday we got up super early and went to the Lions game. We had lunch at the DAC (Detroit Athletic Club) with a guy that is an associate of Steve's. We walked over to Ford Field (right next door) and then headed to our AMAZING seats!!! We were sooo close to the field! The Lions won and we were super excited to be there to watch it!!
This Friday I've got the ZA Alumnae BBQ at 7ish and Aimee and Matt are supposed to come over here and we're going to carpool together. Then on Saturday we're driving BACK down to Ohio for Steve's dad's girlfriend SueAnn's barbecue. Not sure what to expect from that... but we'll see. I'll be sure to post some pictures!!