Saturday, November 12, 2005

Here are some wonderful pictures of my family!! My mom and dad are first, then Steve and my nephew Eamon, then Scott (my twin brother) and his fiance Derota, and Dave (my oldest brother) and his family. Enjoy!!

My mom and dad. Posted by Picasa

Steve pushing Eamon on the swigs. Posted by Picasa

Scott reading to E. Posted by Picasa

This is Scott and his fiance Derota (she's Polish). Posted by Picasa

Cates family photo (taken this summer). Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of Dave (my brother) at work. He's on the right side. Posted by Picasa

Eamon and Aine eating dirt... yummmm. Posted by Picasa

Eamon went as a dinosaur for Halloween. Posted by Picasa

Here's E and his pumpkin. Posted by Picasa

This is the latest picture of Aine. Isn't she a cutie!!! Posted by Picasa
I'm not sure if I've ever had conferences go over their time like this years conferences. On Wednesday I was supposed to be done at 6:45 and didn't finish until 8:00 because there was an IEP held in my room and the special ed teacher went on and on and on and read EVERY single word to the parents. Then Thursday I had my worse conference saved until the end and it started at 6:15 and didn't end until 7:30. The mom went on and on about how chaotic my classroom is (so she's heard) and I have no structure and I'm too passive. This is a complete joke... I get shit all the time from the people on my team because I am TOO structured... they say that I need to relax and just go with the flow. They tell me that I need to let up on my kids and not be so strict. So this came as a complete joke. Fortunately, I had someone there to support me. After this mom said all of this, Donna (the person that I had there to help me) said, "Are you kidding? Cathy is the most structured teacher in 5th grade and is the farthest thing from passive."

Anyway-- it was pretty awful (she wanted Mike for her son and was angry that she didn't get her first request) and at one point she said, "I didn't want you as my son's teacher. You WEREN'T on my list. If you want to keep me happy you need to do what I want. Or there will be hell to pay." I swear... I don't do well with threats. I talked to my principal and she's very supportive. I think because Donna was there maybe the mom got the hint... she seemed to let up a little once Donna chimed in to my benefit. We'll see... I just hate being threatened. I told Janice (my principal) and she said not to worry about it and to blow it off.

Anyway, on Friday I spent the day in the absolute WORSE in-service that I've ever been in. It was like being in an all-day detention. Teachers were passing notes, talking, doing homework, texting and talking on their phones. It was an example of what kids will do when they're not engaged in the lesson being taught. For hour upon hour, the presenter just keep on talking AT us. It was awful.

I came home and had a message to go to Optim Eyes to get my glasses. I went last Wednesday for an eye exam (my yearly) and to get my prescription checked, as I haven't been able to wear my glasses since this summer (the lenses melted from the heat of leaving them in my car). The doctor said my left eye has gotten worse and he changed the prescription and I ordered new lenses to be put into my old frames. I was glad to get my glasses because my eyes have been aching lately. I can tell that the prescription is stronger... my head hurts. Steve and I went to Showcase Ann Arbor and met Addison and her parents (she's a 5th grader in my class) to see Chicken Little. It was actually really cute and funny. I liked it a lot and recommend it to everyone! We came home and then watched Hotel Rawanda and man... it was so desturbing! If you've never seen it you MUST!!!

Today, Steve and I went to my grandma's house to get more things of mine that were in her garage. We helped Scott a little with cleaning out the upstairs. We had Jimmy John's for lunch and then we came home and I watched The Longest Yard (it was alright). We then went to Buca Di Beppo's for dinner with Kate and 22 other people. I ended up knowing Jamie (Kate's little brother from CMU) and Steve and I sat with him and his fiance. It was weird but at least we sat at a table to ourselves. The rest of the group sat at a HUGE table and Jamie and his fiance and Steve and I were off to the side. It was like $60 for Steve and I and we walked out feeling hungry. It's not a good value for your money. I hate it... too much garlic, but Kate never asks me to do anything and I wanted to see her. I'm glad we went, but it was a lot of money pissed away. They all went to the Post Bar in Novi but Steve and I decided to come home.

I'm about to go to bed... maybe read more Harry (I can't wait to finish this damn book. It's taking me forever to get through it)!!! Someday I'll be reading book 6... heavy sigh. I'm excited for next Saturday... I'm meeting my 5th graders at the movies to watch Harry Potter 4 together!! Whoo hoo!!