Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 232

August 20th, 2010

August 20th, 2011

Well... before I say anything more about today, let me start by saying that my niece Lily is two today!!! Happy Birthday Lily!!! I can't believe that she's two!! Here's a picture of her as a baby and then now...
I can remember crying so much when I got the news that she was born. It was one time that made me so very upset to be so far from home. My parents had just been here for a visit, and were fortunately able to get home before she was born. Seeing my twin brother become a dad was something that I can't describe. It was elated and  overjoyed and so thankful that God put Christie in his life.

This is Lily present-day. I think it was taken within the last week. She's a character... and so incredibly smart. Of course she is... she's my brother's daughter! But seriously, she's incredibly smart and such a sweet little thing. I'm super excited to see her and to enjoy watching Gus play with his cousins.

Okay... so this morning I was able to sleep-in, which was nice. I was up pretty late last night working on school stuff. I was able to work today too, and I'm going to hit the books more after I finish this blog. So far, I've learned 165 medical root words, their meanings, and an example of each. My brain hurts, but as Kristen as assured me, I don't have to memorize these root words... so I made a list. She recommended memorizing the prefixes and suffixes, and those are my next unit.

I'm not sure if I've said this or not, but I absolutely LOVE my phone. It stinks that I had to get it and couldn't wait for the new one (which I think is coming in October... because Steve got me the insurance on my phone and there's changes to the plan in October), but I really do love it. I like how clear the pictures are!!

We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes today... it was pretty good. Steve cancelled HBO and Cinemax last night... so I'm a little bummed about it. I actually DO watch the movies on there so it's not like it wasn't being used. Maybe once I get a job doing MT we can get it back. I already got rid of Netflix... so now there's no means for movies unless Steve finds them for us online.

Here are some pictures of Gus from today:
Drinking from his big-boy cup

Hanging out with Elphie

Diaper change before bed

Today we took out the old carseat and put Gus in his new one. He's now forward-facing. The one that he was in was from Wendy, and while it worked for the time being, it was not level to the ground and we couldn't get it to be in the position that is required for full safety. So, while rear-facing is the expectation now until they're two, he's ff and now has lots of leg-room, and the car seat is brand new, and sturdier than any seat that's he's been in thus-far. It's a move that we discussed and are very happy with. 

We went for a ride tonight and Gus was so happy and excited to be ff. I was going to wait to move him until after our trip, but if something happened while we were gone (they're called accidents for a reason), I wouldn't be able to live with myself. So instead, he's ff and has a week to get adjusted before our big drive. I think the seat itself is more comfortable too. :)

Here are some pictures from a year ago:

Here are two videos of Gus from a year ago:

Tomorrow we're not going anywhere or doing anything... should be a great day!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 231

August 19th, 2010

August 19th, 2011

This is what I saw when I walked into Gus's nursery this morning...

We headed downstairs and had breakfast and Gus had a little bit of time to play before we had to leave for church. Here's a picture of him before we left:

We got to mass before 9 (which is good) and had a chance to settle into the cry room before mass began. We were the only ones in the room and Gus was happy to be able to walk around and check things out. The speaker wasn't hooked up AGAIN... I think I'm going to email the priest so he knows. I had to crack the door and Gus kept trying to escape.

After mass, Gus and I headed over to Kristen's for a playdate. Grace had just woken up, and had just finished her breakfast when we arrived. Gus was ready to play!!
Gus and Grace's Violet (like his Scout)

Snuggle time

Playing in a box...

Gus kicked Grace out...

Totally happy with his snack cup

Grace was NOT happy...

She was quite upset...

Giving Gus a piece of her mind...

She started with a push...

And then hit!

Gus recovered... 

They made up and played peek-a-boo...

The best of friends!
Tired... ready for a nap!

We left Kristen's and headed home. Gus slept in the car (like ten minutes) and then had lunch when we got home. Here's a picture of him and Elphie:

Before his nap, we watched Sesame Street. Gus really liked Cookie Monster and laughed when he was on. I took a few pictures of the tv when Elmo was on... it cracked me up:

I went to let Elphie in from the porch, and to my surprise, saw Elphie and Purry Como cuddled up together:

I took Gus up for his nap and he slept from 3:30 until 6:00!! We had burritos for dinner, and watched some tv and then it was bath time for Gus.

Here are some pictures from a year ago:
Escaped from his swaddle...

So tired...


See you tomorrow!