Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 230

August 18th, 2010
August 18th, 2011

Have you ever had a day where you should have just stayed in bed? That was today.

It started with Gus waking at 6:45 and I was sooooo tired and didn't want to get up. We went downstairs and had breakfast, and he played while I tried to wake up. It's days like today that I sometimes wish I was a coffee drinker.

At 10:00 he started to get loopy and really tired, so we came upstairs so he could nap. He took a nice long nap, and I decided to lay down for a nap too.  :)

We got up around 12:15 and then I fixed him lunch, put it in his snack cup, and got ready to head to Wal-Mart for our weekly shopping trip. I have a thing about having to use the bathroom before I leave the house... as if there are no bathrooms anywhere else in the world, but I always have to go right before I leave.

So I go into the bathroom... my phone was in my back pocket of my jeans... and of course, Gus comes in to see what I'm doing. I had to go number two (I know... TMI but it's important). So he and I are chatting... and I heard a thump. Now... looking back, I think subconsciously I knew it was my phone falling out of my back pocket, but at the time, I wasn't aware of what it was. I thought nothing of it.

I finished doing my business... I pulled up my pants and closed the lid and flushed. Washed my hands, and then Gus and I headed to the car. I strapped him in, got in the driver's seat and then grabbed my purse to grab my phone. It wasn't there. I took EVERYTHING out of my purse. Still no phone. 

So I keep the car running, and quickly ran inside... I looked everywhere... still no phone. "Where the eff could the damn thing be?" I wondered to myself aloud. I went back to the car... Gus was happy and fine... and I looked all over the car. Not there.

I go back into the house... looked everywhere... upstairs, our bathroom, the bedroom, my desk, back downstairs... the kitchen, livingroom, dining room, and by this point I was clueless. Stumped.

I just happened to think about the bathroom and the thud that I heard... AH HA! It had to have been my phone falling out of my pocket. So I go into the bathroom... and searched EVERYWHERE... no phone. On a whim, I open the toilet lid... and to my utter HORROR... there's my phone. Surrounded by the clogged toilet... and my #2. 


So I fished the phone out, and had to rinse it... I flushed and everything was good with the toilet (at least I didn't break that too)... and I put my phone in a plastic container and put it outside in the sun. I had to wash my hands, then I had to go... Gus was in the car.

So... no phone. It's the only way to communicate... so I couldn't tell Steve until after we got home from grocery shopping. I emailed him and he said he'd take care of me (the perfect words) and for me not to worry. He stopped on his way home from work and got me a new phone.

I'm totally pissed though because I've been waiting and holding off for the iPhone 5 that's supposed to be released in like two weeks. Figures. :(  Oh well... I suggested a temporary pay-as-you-go phone until the iPhone 5 comes out, but there's not a date set... it could be September, could be October, and might not be this year at all. So.... we just went ahead and got the 4. It's a HUGE upgrade for me though and I already LOVE it!!! It's so much faster!!!

Anyway... all my pictures from today were wiped out, and so I'm using the pictures that I took from yesterday (but didn't take off my camera) for today. It's Gus wearing his superhero cape.

Here's an amazing thing though... so my phone is totally ruined and not salvageable. I was able to sync my new phone with my iTunes and everything from my old phone is on my new one. All my contacts, apps, pictures, music... all there. It's truly incredible and amazing that just from syncing my phone, I was able to get everything (except for things I put on my phone since my last sync).

Anyway... here are more pictures from a year ago:
My little bean

Laughing in his swaddle... so funny!

What's happening hot-stuff??

We've got mass tomorrow morning and then a park playdate! Steve has a long day and won't be coming home early...  :(

See you tomorrow!


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