Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 228

August 16th, 2010

August 16th, 2011

This morning we got up and headed downstairs to prepare for the K15 MOMS Club playdate. Guess what? NO ONE CAME. Should I be surprised? Not really-- but still... come on. And people wonder why no one wants to renew their membership.... it's simple-- people are apathetic and just don't care anymore. The fact that NO ONE came and there are more than 11 moms in my playgroup... I didn't expect all of them, but at least three or four. Whatever. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, but I am so over it.

Kristen had another appointment this morning, so she dropped off Grace around 9:45. Grace and Gus played without any problems and Grace didn't cry or anything... which is good because I was worried that she'd be crying for Kristen. I think having Gus to play with kept her mind occupied. :) Here are some cute pictures from this morning:
Grace was on this first and Gus squeezed himself on it too!

Feeding time for the birds... (lol)

A police officer behind bars????

Signing for more

Today was awesome because as you can see in the last picture, Gus is now signing for more! He just started today and I'm so proud of him!! He's super cute when he does it too-- he's very slow and serious while he's doing the sign. :D   So he can sign for the following things: more, milk, kitty, and finished. Not too bad! We're working on please, thank you, and sleep. I do the sign for hungry and ask if he's hungry and he always runs to his high chair, so I know he understands me, he just doesn't do the sign for hungry.

Kristen left around 11:30 and I put Gus down for a nap. He was exhausted and slept until 1:45!! We had lunch and played for the rest of the afternoon. Steve got home and I had put Gus down for an afternoon nap, but he wasn't sleeping-- so Steve went in and got him. We had Papa John's for dinner and it was delicious. Gus ate an entire piece of pizza and 1/2 a piece of bread.

I'm still waiting to hear if I won the auction for the gnome costume or not... no one else has bid on it, so I'm hoping I win it. I'll know tonight. I've got a few other items that I'm bidding on... they're like $0.99 and free shipping... can't beat that! I love eBay because you can get some AMAZING steals if you know where to look and have the right timing on the bidding. So far, I've won this awesome lot of clothes that I got for like $5 and it includes a bunch of Beatles shirts and some jeans and Gymboree stuff. All for $5 and free shipping!!!

I'm excited to have nothing to do tomorrow. I'm going out with Wendy tomorrow night and it'll be good to see her... it's been like almost three weeks since I last saw her! It's her monthly Girls Night Out so it'll be nice to get out for the night and relax. We've got nothing planned on Thursday either which should be nice. Friday, we're going to mass and then we've got a playdate. Jen asked if I wanted to meet her and Megan for lunch in Apex at 11:30... but I don't think I'll be able to do the playdate and lunch... Gus will need a nap for sure. We'll be having dinner with Jen on Tuesday as we say goodbye to her before she heads off to Colorado (sniff sniff).

So... here's a picture from a year ago:
I totally remember Gus doing this with his fists... it was like a mini fist-pump. Notice that it's his left hand? I think he's shown a preference for his left hand for a really long time, and it just continues today. I think he'll be a lefty.

Anyway-- I'm off. I REALLY need to start my course on Medical Language/Terminology... but there's been NO motivation. I will do it tomorrow during Gus's nap... I swear I'll get back on track!!


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