Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Year, New Me :: Weight Watchers

If you're someone that knows me IRL, you probably already know that I joined Weight Watchers last Saturday (January 9th). It's a day that I will remember, as it's the beginning of this journey that I am taking to get healthy, lose weight, and allow the new me to blossom and grow.

I've tried WW before and just didn't really have the drive, motivation, and determination to stick to it. This time is different. This time, I feel like it's just something that NEEDS to happen and I know WW is a proven system that's healthy and DOES work. I know I didn't gain weight over night, and it's going to take a long time to lose it, but I am determined to keep chugging along until I'm healthy.

I know what it's like to be with someone that treats me terribly and takes advantage of me. I endured a life-changing divorce and came out of it a survivor who was stronger, but also knew exactly what I wanted. When I met Steve and realized he WAS the ONE, I didn't want to do anything that could jeopardize the relationship.

He loves me for me, inside and out, and I am so very blessed to have him in my life. He makes me laugh, and brings out the best in me (not many people can say this about their spouse if they're being honest). I NEED to be around as long as possible, so I can spend as much time with him as I can.

And don't even get me started on my two sweet pumpkin pies. They are my world and I am their world, and they deserve to have a mom that's healthy, happy, and around as long as possible. 

So when I think about why I want to do this, it's them. THEY are my reason. Steve, Gus and Hugh are the reason I am changing my life and starting this journey.
So let me tell you about my first week on WW. First, the entire program has changed. It's no longer the Points-Plus program, now it's Beyond the Scale and they use Smart Points (or SP as I tag things on my Instagram). Foods that are lower in fat/sat fat, calories, and sugar are going to be lower points, and foods that are higher in protein are also lower in points. You can imagine, the opposite holds true... sugary foods, fatty foods, and high-calorie foods are a lot more points on the SP program. 

For example, on the old plan, it was roughly 40-50 calories per point.... so a Coke (140 cals) was about 4 points. Now, it's 9 points. NINE.
I decided to sign up and I asked a few friends if they wanted to join too. My best friend, Britt said she was going to do it too, and so we went to our first meeting last week. After talking to her, I decided I wanted to join the YMCA so I could exercise. Not only can I use it, but the boys can swim year-round and I put Gus in a youth yoga class that meets every Monday. :-) He loves it.

Steve and I went grocery shopping and I am SO thankful that he's supporting me through all this. He's eating healthier too and we're both going to benefit from me doing WW. We got a ton of great food, and filled the fridge with fruits and veggies galore. Honestly, more veggies than I've bought in a LONG time.

I went on Pinterest and found some recipes to try and that's what we did this past week. We are only eating out on Saturdays (my weigh-in day). Let me say this is helping more than anything!! I was eating fast food 4x a week and we'd order pizza or Chinese or carryout... it was not healthy living at all. I haven't had fast-food in over a week... and haven't had sweets in over a week. No regular soda either. I've been drinking a LOT of water... like all I drink is water, and then I allow myself ONE Mello Yello Zero or Fresca each day (both have 0 points).

I'm relearning how to think about food and see it more as fuel for my body, than something to put in my mouth when bored. I'm quite proud of myself. :-)

I spend the week "tracking" (logging everything put into my mouth) and stayed within my points for the week. I didn't touch my weekly points and didn't use any of my Fit Points... and when I went yesterday for my weigh-in, I was met with an awesome 5.2 loss. 

I know not every week will be as wonderful as this last week was, but it was awesome and felt fantastic to see results for my determination.

I've been posting pictures of each meal on Instagram and then allowing it to go to FB. My friends and family on FB have overwhelmed me with support and love. I've been getting messages from a ton of people either asking me about the program, or just telling me they're rooting for me and so proud of me. It means more than I can even express. There's something to be said for people supporting you while on a weight-loss journey and I know I CAN and WILL do it... one week at a time.


My group leader, Sissy, read this at my meeting this week and it really struck a chord with me. It's called "If I Lost A Pound A Week"

By Valentine’s Day I’d be 6 pounds lighter!
I’m telling you – I’m loving it!

By St. Patrick’s Day I’d be 11 pounds lighter!
With the luck-o-the Irish I’ll make my goal!

By Easter I’d be 12 pounds lighter!
I’d be a cuter bunny!

By Memorial Day I’d be 21 pounds lighter!
Won’t let it rain on my parade!

By Flag Day I’d be 23 pounds lighter!
Boy, could I wave my flag then!

By Independence Day I’d be 26 pounds lighter!
That’s a neat declaration of independence from overeating!

By Labor Day I’d be 35 pounds lighter!
What a wonderful reward for all my hard work!

By Columbus Day I’d be 41 pounds lighter!
What a joy to discover what I can do!

By Halloween I’d be 43 pounds lighter!
I didn’t think I’d have had a ghost of a chance!

By Thanksgiving I’d be 47 pounds lighter!
I’d have so much to be thankful for!

By Christmas Eve I’d be 51 pounds lighter!
Talk about being merry!

By New Year’s Eve I’d be 52 pounds lighter!
It’s not just a new year, it’s a NEW ME!!

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