Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's Been A While...

It's been about two weeks or so since I was last able to blog. It feels like an eternity and like a bazillion things have happened! It's already after ten (my bedtime is like 9ish these days), so I'm going to update via pics.

What have we been doing, you ask???


Lots of soccer! Gus absolutely loves going and it's fun to watch him and Steve on the field together. His last class is next Saturday, but we signed him up for another twelve weeks. This next session will be a transition session for him because he'll be turning three on May 11th. Once he's three, he can move to the 3-4 year old class, but that is a no parent class (no adults on the field with the kids). He's not quite ready for that yet, so until he is, the current class will work just fine.

The little guy on the left kept getting into Gus's "personal space" and he was giving him shoves and lots of looks. Gus looks like a giant next to the kid doesn't he??

MOMS Club Events.

We've had a variety of events to attend and Gus and Hugh have enjoyed them all. We have been to the park a few times, and even did a tour of our local Chick-fil-A! That one was a big hit!

Saying hello to the people in the drive thru!


Gus had spring break last week and he had a great time while out of school! We went to visit Steve at work and had lunch with him, we watched movies and had popcorn, and we worked on some school stuff!
Tracing shapes, letters, and numbers


Retelling/Sequencing a story (Five Little Monkeys)

Arranging monkeys by size


Working on a maze

Reading his Thomas and Friends magazine

Lunch with Daddy

Shooting hoops with PB

Gus cried at the part when Mufassa died.  :-(


Lots and lots of tummy time for Hugh. And lots and lots of looking cute.

Almost rolling over... but not yet.

Hugh has discovered the joys of Purry Como.

Watching me cook dinner


SITTING UP (for a second or two) AND AMAZING US!!


Both Gus and I got our hair cut for our family pictures!


For the first time EVER we went and got our family pictures taken by someone not connected to us. I usually take all of our pictures, but then I'm not in any of them. To celebrate Double Adoption Day (there will be a post about this), we went and had pictures taken. We go tomorrow to pick our the pictures that we want to keep and I can't wait. This is our sneak peek that Jeff (our photographer) posted on his FB page.


We've been enjoying spending time together. We had mulch delivered last week and so we went on a brief walk and looked at the mulch from the street. Gus and I spent some time outside today (it was GORGEOUS) and he rode his big wheel while Ned and I watched.


We are getting a new mattress (YAY) and so we decided that we'd add a king sized bed up in the room that was Gus's room. That room was nice and big, but the closet is not finished, so all his clothes were still in the nursery. 

We decided to move the crib and rocking chair into the middle room (was my photography room and library), and then we moved Gus totally into the nursery (his original room). His clothes are all in there anyway, and it's a smaller room (which will keep it fair when Hugh is older and will wonder why Gus's room is bigger). We are working on moving things around, but for now it works. Gus is totally set in his room and is quite pleased.
Hugh enjoying Gus's dino bed

 Gus tucking Hugh in  :-)

Hugh did NOT want to share the bed!


We are preparing for Gus's third birthday. The party is all set and it should be a great time. As soon as he turns three, he'll begin the Fisher Kids Responsibility System. It's such a great system to teach kids how to be responsible and independent. He'll get commission for doing one chore a day, that he'll pick from his chore bucket. He also will have things that he's expected to do each day (tidy his room, pick up toys when finished, and clean his spot at the table). I'm eager to see how he does with this!!


He's getting baptized tomorrow morning at the 8:45 service. I'm really excited and can't wait for him to be welcomed by the whole church. We're joining CTK next month, but it's going to be a great day. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow of Hugh in his outfit and him with his god mother. Here's a picture of him with her tonight taken at dinner.

We also finalized Hugh's adoption, but I'm going to do a separate post about that. Sorry it's been so long... no one told me how crazy it'd be with two kids and I just don't have time to sit at the computer and blog anymore!!!