Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy All Saint's Day!
     Today is the day that my Grandma Burney passed away five years ago. It's insane to think that it's been five years since she passed. I thought about her this morning when I was getting up. I also thought about my mom and how hard it must be for her since it was her mom. I don't even want to think about losing her and how it must feel to not have your parents around. I am so blessed to have my parents. My relationship with my dad is the best that it's ever been, and my relationship with my mom just continues to grow and develop into more than just mother/daughter- but even more and even deeper. I have two brothers who I can depend on for anything, and they have partners that I couldn't have picked any better myself. I am blessed with three nephews and two beautiful nieces and everything is wonderful.
     Anyway- I went to the eye doctor yesterday. The last time I went and had my eyes checked was December of 1996. Crazy to think that it's been almost three years already! I had the glaucoma test and then they dialated my eyes. I have to have my prescription updated-- and I am getting progressive lenses. Saying progressive lenses is a nice way of saying bi-focals. LOL. I'm actually kind of excited because I can't really see and the current prescription is for driving and reading and the new glasses will be for all the time. I'll be able to see! I think the frames are cute too (my eyes were dialated so I honestly don't know if they're cute or not!). I get to pick them up on Saturday.
     Yesterday was Halloween and we had a TON of kids come to our house! We had our spooky music and strobe light, and then while we were in Michigan, we picked up these awesome window things that glow. You'd have to see a picture to understand, but we had two pumpkins and two skulls. It looked pretty awesome.
     While we were getting ready for the kids to start coming, we met our new neighbors (they live across the street). Their names are Wendy and Ryan and they have two little girls. Anyway, Ryan took the kids trick-or-treating and then after a bit Wendy came over and was passing out candy at our house with us. She was really nice. She's from Garner and he's from Rochester, NY. It was nice to meet new people and hopefully we'll hang out with them again some time!
     Steve got back from New Mexico on Friday. He was gone from Tuesday morning until Friday afternoon. While he was gone, I tackled the other guest room (the one filled with my teacher stuff in boxes). I moved my C4 stuff into that room and hopefully that'll become the new guest room and when it's time, we can make the current guest room into a nursery. I'm ready to do that now... but without a baby that could be a problem.  :)
     We're just about ready to send in our preliminary application for adoption. Steve has to finish his portion and then we're on our way! Hopefully they'll accept us, and then we schedule a home visit and then after that, we submit the official application and do background checks. Then we make a family page on the website with pictures and stuff and we wait and pray that we'll get a baby!
     I still have another week left of my vacation and I am excited! Steve loaded Windows 7 on our computers this weekend, and I hope to get my newsletter done early. I go in on Friday to set up my room. I am a little stressed, but I think as long as I can get someone to help me move stuff, I'll be okay.

Until next time...