Sunday, October 07, 2007

Song: "Irreplacable" by Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland
Mood: Content

I'm not sure why it ends up that it's about every two weeks that I'm able to write, but that appears to be the case. It's not like only things worth blogging about happen in two-week intervals, because there's always something to blog about...

The most recent thing was my birthday on the 2nd. I am now 31 and it wasn't as easy as I expected. I guess I always thought that by 31 I would be a mom and have started a family. It's not like it's too late for all that, but I am definitely feeling the need/desire to start a family ASAP.

I got up and in the bathroom were two cards for me (one from Steve and one from the cats and Ned). It was really cute and thoughful of Steve. He went to work and then I showered and went to work.

My 4th graders are so cute! I got a ton of handmade cards from them (the cards were super cute with frogs on them) and then I also got a tree frog Lil' Kinz and some pumpkin earrings with a matching pumpkin necklace.

We started our morning with our morning work and then when our announcements came on three parents from my class came into my room with balloons and bags of treats! I was absolutely shocked! They brought donuts for the class to celebrate my birthday and then there were five balloons!!! They put some on the outside of my classroom door and I put three on my chair. Then, there were more gifts! I was given a pair of frog earrings (super cute) and then two of my girls had gone and made me a necklace at a place called Beadazzled that is green and white and yellow beaded with a cute frog at the end.

I was in complete shock. I have never had a birthday (besides when I was a kid) like this one!! It was wonderful!!

When I came home, Steve gave me my present and I was excited to see the green EMU hoodie that I wanted!

It was an excellent birthday!!

Now for the not-so-great stuff... on Wednesday, at around 3:15 my principal comes to my classroom and asks if she can speak to me in private. So I go out into the hall and she told me that she had to ask me something. She asked me if I was doing the "Moving On in the Morning" activities (we watch exercise videos every morning and the kids do a mini-work out each day). What's funny about this question, is that I do it religiously. EVERY day and I do it for the ENTIRE length. I had just had a discussion with the other 4th grade teachers about this and they admitted that they only do it for 5 minutes... while I am doing it for 20-25 minutes.

So my principal asks me this and I was kinda shocked. Of course I do it, I told her I do it for the ENTIRE duration... not just 5-10 minutes... the WHOLE time. She could tell I was defensive and she said not to worry about it, but the office had just received an anonymous phone call from a concerned parent that said that she knew for a fact that I wasn't doing it. That I had apparently told my kids that , "I had more important things to do with my time than to have them doing exercise for the morning." Which is a load of crap... yes, I've thought that, but never said it to my class.

AND... my kids moan and groan and complain about doing the exercises and I MAKE them do it anyway! They know all the words by heart and sing while they're doing it... so if I wasn't doing it, how would they know the words?

What got me, is that I could see if I really wasn't doing it and I was caught. But I do it every day for the entire time. ALL of my kids do it. I can't picture any of my kids going home and having their parent ask if we're doing the moving in the morning and them saying, "No. Mrs. Walker said she has more important things to do than to have us exercise." It just doesn't add up. The other part is that there's a Mrs. Waller in my building... so it was suggested that maybe the call was intended for her, not Walker, but she's kindergarten and I can't picture a kindergartner going home and saying that. Who knows...

Anyway, it was enough to seriously piss me off.

Enough bitching for now... I need to find my happy place.

Until next time...