Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, I am happy to say that I made it to Christmas Break! The last week before break was impossible. Not only were the kids a little loopy (which is normal), but we had report cards due on Friday. There was a lot going on and no time to finish anything. I worked until 9pm on Wednesday (12-17-08).

I had an OB-GYN appointment yesterday. It's the first one since before we moved, so it was good to get back in and start getting back on track with my yearly visits. I have to have an internal ultrasound done because I am not ovulating. That's kind of a problem when you're trying to get pregnant. LOL. So I have to go have that done during the first week in January. They'll hopefully be able to give the doctor more information about what's happening. I had to go in this morning and have blood drawn, so the ultrasound and the blood work should help paint a better picture.

It's very frustrating. She said that I am still young and not to worry about things yet. She said it could be insulin resistance (not good) or my thyroid, or cysts on my ovaries. Until I get the internal, they won't know for sure. I also have to go and have a mole removed because she freaked when she saw it (didn't make me feel very comfortable). So... more to come on that later.

I went to the dentist today. I haven't been since before we moved (March 2007). Surprisingly, I only have a few cavities to get filled. No root canals (whoo hoo) and she said it looked good. Must be the Sonicare that I use. ;)

Other than all that junk, things are good. I am very excited to see my mom and dad next week. They're coming on the 30th and staying through New Year's. I am excited because this is the first year (in 32 years) that I haven't spent Christmas with them. So, it'll be so nice to have them here for a bit! I think they'll really appreciate the weather because it's cold in Michigan and supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow and Thursday! :)

That's it for now... I'll write again soon. Be sure to check out the Walker Blog to see other things-- like the slide show from DC in November, the slide show from Thanksgiving and the slide show from the Burt's Bees Holiday Party last weekend.

Until next time...