Sunday, December 25, 2005

Steve's sister-in-law Heather, his brother Monty and their daughter Anna. Posted by Picasa

Steve with his cousin Megan (isn't she cute!!) Posted by Picasa
Christmas 2005
Ho--ho--ho! Today is Christmas and one of my most favorite days of the entire year. Steve and I got home at like 12:30 this morning from Ohio, I had to wrap some presents for Steve and then fill his stocking and then we went to bed around 1:30 or so.

Ohio was interesting... we got down there on Thursday and went to the hotel to check in and drop off our bags. We headed up to the hospital where I saw Steve's parents for the first time in a year and a half. It was a little uncomfortable at first but it got better as the night progressed. Steve's mom was nice and didn't seem too upset that I was there. Visiting hours ended around 8ish and we headed to Cracker Barrel (my new favorite place to eat) for dinner. We were going to stop over at Steve's dad's but we figured he was tired (as were we) and we just went back to the hotel. The room was cute but the bed was totally awful and the pillows sucked.

We got up early on Friday and headed over to Steve's dad's to help wrap presents for the family gathering that would take place on Christmas Eve. They bought a gift for each of the kids (there are like a ton of little kids in his family) and we wrapped them. Steve and I went to Steak & Shake for lunch and then we were planning on going to the hospital for the day but his mom had dialysis and was sleeping. I went back to the hotel and slept and Steve went back to his dad's and just visited.

We headed to the hospital and stayed for about two hours and then visiting hours were over (and his mom was sleeping) so we left. We went to Meijers and I got Steve all of his stocking stuffers and some last minute presents. We also got cookies for the party and some last minute gifts. We stopped at Taco Bell and had some dinner and brought it back to the hotel and watched 20/20 while we ate.

Saturday (yesterday) was the longest day ever. We got up early and checked out of the hotel and went to his dad's house. We sat there for a bit and then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch (Steve and I) and then went to the hospital. Before we got there Steve's dad called and said that it'd be a good idea for me to sit in the lounge and not come into the room because his mom wasn't in a good mood and he didn't want to upset her (or me).

It sucked... so I sat in the lounge and read Harry Potter while Steve and his dad went in. They came out shortly because she had fallen alseep. Not too long after that Steve's older brother Montey showed up with his wife and two kids. It was weird... I have only met them once. So... they went in to see his mom and they were in there for a long time, while Steve stayed with me in the lounge. Steve's uncle Stan showed up with his four kids and they were hanging out with me in the lounge and then they left.

We left as well and headed over to Steve's brother's house for the family gathering. I was excited to meet his cousin Rachel but she bailed out and didn't come. Anyway, I met his Aunt Sue and her boyfriend as well as his cousins, but since they're little they didn't seem to care either way as to who I was.
Christmas Continued...

Anyway-- no one asked about when we're getting married, no one said congratulations... no one asked to see the ring. It was so weird and not comfortable at all. Steve said that part of it has to do with his Aunt Sue... her boyfriend Brian won't marry her and it's a touchy subject. Anyway, I thought they could have at least said something to Steve to acknowledge it. Interestingly enough... Steve was showing me some pictures hanging on his brother's wall and there was a picture of Steve and his ex-wife.

Enough about that... we drove home and got home late. We got up this morning and opened presents and I was sooooo good this year!!! I got an awesome watch that I wanted (it was on my wishlist but I never expected to get it)... and Neil Diamond's new cd as well as an electric toothbrush (Oral-B) that I really wanted... as well as a bunch of new clothes and an I-Pod Nano (it's sooooo tiny) and an armband for my i-Pod. I got a lot of candy in my stocking too. It was a very nice Christmas!

We had lunch and then my mom came over and we made some desserts (individual cheesecakes) and then Steve made the ham (it was sooooooo good). My dad and Scott showed up around 5:30 and brough the prime rib with them and we exchanged presents. Steve and I got a martini bar set with a shaker and a tray (it's awesome) and I got a new purse that's AWESOME!!! Then Fr. Terry and his sister Maureen came and we had dinner. While we were cleaning Mary Breeding and her friend Francine came for dessert. It was a nice dinner and everyone has gone and we're going to go and hang out for a bit. I'll talk to you soon!! Merry Christmas!!


Thursday, December 22, 2005


Okay... so Tuesday I went to the dentist for my cleaning. I was under the impression that they'd be cleaning the top left side and the bottom (both sides) but I was wrong. They could only get the top left done. So I had to reappoint for Wednesday at 1:00 and again at 4:00. I was not up for this at all... I kept saying that I was going to just cancel my appointments... but Steve made me go.

So I got the top cleaned and that wasn't so bad... I went on Wednesday to get the bottom done at 1:00 and they told me that they were just going to do the entire bottom right there and asked if I could come back at 5:00 for Dr. Mann to look at the tooth that's been really sensitive to hot and cold. So I did...

I got there at 5:00 thinking that it was just a cavity and I ended up having a root canal done. It was so awful. I mouth is very sore today but I can eat and drink cold and hot now without a problem! I don't have to go back until July and when I go back I'll be Cathy Walker!!!

We're about to pack so we can head down to Ohio. For those of you that know me... you know that this is a BIG deal, as I haven't seen Steve's parents in more than a year and a half. It should be interesting and I just pray that it goes well. I'm going to meet some of his extended family for the first time while we're there too. Should be fun.

Anyway-- we'll be back on Christmas Eve and I'll be sure to post something on here to let everyone know how it went. Have a great rest of the week and wonderful Christmas!!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Monday, December 19, 2005

Steve and I at Ford Field to watch the Bengals destroy the Lions Posted by Picasa

Steve and I at Kevin and Greta's Christmas Party last weekend. Posted by Picasa
Getting Ready For Christmas

This weekend I went Christmas shopping with my mom. I was able to get Steve something (he already knows all the things that he's getting) that will surprise him. We got Dave and Heather and the kids their present and had it mailed to them, and I got mom part of her present. We've got to get my dad, Scott, and finish my mom and then get stocking stuff and we're done.

We went to the Lions game last night. It was very interesting. Steve loves the Bengals and going to the game was one of his presents. It was a sea of orange and black, not at all what you'd expect from a Lions game. The fans were wearing orange to protest the management. I wore orange because I love orange!

Anyway-- today we went to Mongolian BBQ for lunch with mom and then went back to her work and Steve helped fix her computer. We were there for a long time and then came home and made dinner. It was pretty much a wasted day (did nothing) but that's what vacation is all about!

Tomorrow I've got a dentist appointment (that I cancelled but I guess they didn't cancel it) and I am so freaked out about it. I HATE going... and I'm so upset about it! I've got a pedicure appointment for tomorrow as well.

We're going to Ohio on Thursday so that should be interesting. I'm supposed to go Christmas shopping with my dad on Wednesday and I don't know what time. I'd like to see the girls (they're all getting together on Wednesday) but it'll depend on what time I go with dad and what time we're leaving on Thursday.

Anyway-- just posting the latest news. Not much I know... I did teach myself new cursive today. We're piloting Cursive Without Tears at my school and I figured I better learn it now so I can teach it properly to my class. It looks so weird to me... almost like printing!! Here's a link to the site!


Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas Break!!!

I made it to Christmas Break!!! Today was our last day and it was so fun! We went and saw The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was a very good movie and I recommend it to anyone interested! The book was by far more interesting and had more details than the movie, but that's ALWAYS the case!! After we got back from the movie I bought the class McDonald's and we listened to Christmas music while they ate their lunches. We then watched Madagascar until the end of the day, and I opened my many many Christmas presents and then it was time to go!

It was a nice day and went by so fast! Now I'm sitting here waiting for Steve to get here (he is coming home from Ohio two nights early) so I am anxious!!!

Have a great weekend! We're going Christmas shopping tomorrow with my mom and then Sunday, we're going to watch the Lions get their butts kicked by the Bengals. Should be fun... I've never been to a Lions game!


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio-

We just got home from Cleveland, Ohio where we stayed last night. We went to Kevin and Greta's house for their annual Christmas party. Mitch and Jess went with us and we had a good time. They always have their house decorated so nicely for Christmas. Greta had a lot of different drinks to try (green apple martinis and cosmopolitans and that kind of stuff).

Their baby Benjamin is soooo cute. He's so good too. I want kids someday, but not yet. I enjoy being able to do as I want and not have to change everything I do for someone else. I'm still too selfish but I know that someday it'll be right. Steve is so cute with babies too. Ben really smiled and laughed when he was with Steve and it was cute.

Anyway-- I'm very tired now (we slept on the floor and it was a rough night). So we've got to go grocery shopping and then I look forward to coming home to sleep.

Have a great night! 5 days until Christmas Break!!!! I can't wait!!!


Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow Day!!!
I had my first snow day of the year today and I loved it!! There are people out there who will never know the absolute joy that teacher's experience when the phone rings at 5 am and you know that the person calling is doing so to tell you that you can snuggle back into bed and sleep as long as your body will allow because there's no school. I kinda thought it'd be a snow day today because the weather people had been talking about this winter storm that'd be hitting our area last night... I told my class that we'd probably have a snow day and we did a snow day dance to ensure that we'd have a snow day.

Lucky for me, Steve's boss is very nice and Steve told him that if the weather is bad enough for me to have a snow day he'll stay home and work from here. So today, he worked from home and it felt like a Saturday! It was nice to do nothing all day.

I got up around 10:30ish and had a bagel for breakfast and came up here to work on our Christmas letter that we mailed tonight. When it was lunch time, I went downstairs and had left-over Chinese and watched The Notebook. After I cried my eyes out when that was over, I turned the channel and there was Titanic! So I watched that and cried my eyes out some more. It was a chick-flick afternoon for me! I loved it!

We decided at 5:30 to actually shower and change from pajamas into presentable clothing and we went to Kohl's to see what unique gifts they had. Steve wanted to get Greta and Kevin something special for tomorrow (we're going to Cleveland for their annual Christmas party). We got them a martini bar thingy (it's pretty cool) and then we got their baby Benjamin a stuffed Snoopy (my idea). Then we went to the Dollar Tree to get two bags and some tissue paper for the presents. We went to Bakers Square for dinner and had absolutely too much to eat.

Now we're home and checking e-mail and getting ready for bed. I've got a 9 am hair appointment in the morning with Rochelle. I'm getting my highlights touched up and then getting my hair straightened. We're leaving for Cleveland as soon as I get home and then we're staying the night. We'll be back sometime on Sunday.

I only have five days until Winter Break.... I think I can... I think I can.... I think I can!!!


Our house decorated for Christmas! Posted by Picasa

Our Christmas Tree viewed from the outside. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Being More Like A Duck

So this Friday, Steve and I went to the Christmas get together for my work at the comedy club. I usually NEVER go to these things and I wasn't going to go but I decided to "suck it up" and go. I now regret it and probably should have just gone with my instincts and not gone.

Basically I am at the end of my patience when it comes to my team members (the fifth grade teachers that I teach with) constantly talking about how mean I am... how overly organized I am... and just constantly giving me (pardon my French here) SHIT about everything I do. I was telling Emily and her husband about my tutoring and that when one of the parents had a bounced check it totally screwed up my account. Steve said, "I told her to tell the mom to pay her for the overdraft fees caused by her bounced check, but Cathy was too nice." At that... Emily busted out laughing, turned to Mike and said, "Ahhh... get this... he actually just said that Kramer was too nice." And Mike rolled his eyes, laughed, and said, "Yeah right."

Emily made a comment about the tests that I give and that she and Kylie had been talking about how hard my tests are. This totally pissed me off because they obviously were talking about me behind my back, and I give Kylie the tests and study guides and worksheets that I use out of the kindness of my heart. I had no idea that she was talking behind my back about how hard my tests are. I got really pissed about it and I've decided to just not give her anymore of my stuff. If she thinks my stuff is too hard she can make up her own. I just find it interesting that they think it's too hard, when my kids rise to the challenge. I think kids will give you what you expect of them. On this test in particular, there were at least ten kids that got above a 90% and only two that were below a 60% and the rest were mostly mid 70's to 80's. I was very proud of my kids and how much they studied.

There was also a comment when I said that my kids were awful on Friday (which they were) Emily said, "Well maybe it's all the tests you give." I gave them their social studies test... that they were given a study guide for ten days ago and have been studying each day for it. I also gave the Friday spelling test and a pre-test for the states and capitals. Just because I choose not to show movies on Friday doesn't mean that I give too many tests.

Anyway... the rest of the night was just bad because all I did was sit there and think about things that were said during dinner. I've decided that at work I'm not going to talk about what I'm teaching, how I'm teaching it, or how my kids are. I'm sick of them talking about me and I'm sick of being the constant brunt of their jokes. My biggest thing is why do they care if I have lesson plans done for the next two weeks? I don't rag on them for NEVER having their plans done. I don't constantly talk about how unorganized they are... so why is it that they feel so comfortable to constantly give me crap for being organized? I can't help the fact that I take my job seriously and I need things to be organized for my own sanity. I don't walk into their rooms and tell them they're in the wrong for not being like me... I let them be as they are and I don't get why they can't let me be as I am.

Again... one of many reasons why I'm going to be looking for a new place to work for the fall. If I can get a job somewhere else... I'm outta there and I'll be glad to move on and get on with my life.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

And here she is with her new cut!!! We can't look at her without busting out laughing!!! Posted by Picasa

Here's another before shot. She had really pretty fur. Posted by Picasa

Here she is with her lion cut!!! Isn't she cute!!!! Posted by Picasa

Here's Hurmin all contorted on the couch (BEFORE). Posted by Picasa

Most of you know that I have a cat named Hurmin. You might think that Hurmin is a boy but you'd be wrong. Hurmin in a girl and we took her to the groomer's yesterday to get a lion cut shave. She's a long-haired orange tabby and she looks soooo cute with her new hair. She looks like a whole new cat. I'm going to post a before and an after shot.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Feast
Today we had our Thanksgiving Feast at school. It was really nice. I had a ton of parents come and a lot of grandparents as well. The food was delicious and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves. I had a slight headache after the party but it wasn't too long and I was able to go home. Steve and I had Ding Feng for dinner (Chinese) and it was sooooo good. I'm now about to go and finish reading my Order of the Phoenix book so this weekend when Steve's in Ohio I can start the Half Blood Prince.

Have a wonderful Turkey Day!! I have to go to school in the morning tomorrow for NCA and then Jenny and I are meeting for lunch and then at 2:30 I'm taking Hurmin to get a lion shave (she'll be so cute) and then I have a nail appointment at 4:00. Then I've got four days of doing nothing but relaxing and sleeping in and wearing jeans!!!!


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Mike and his mom Lisa. Posted by Picasa

Jamelle and his mom. Posted by Picasa

Ariana and her dad. Posted by Picasa

Addison and her mom Beth. Posted by Picasa

My 5th graders in line for food at our Thanksgiving Feast on November 22, 2005. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I don't know why but I have been so emotional today. Steve and I got into a HUGE argument over dinner... it was awful. It was completely my fault and thank God he knows that there are times when I act stupid and he knows to just blow me off. I was acting like a huge jerk... and thank God he didn't act like me.

Anyway-- emotions are running super high for me today. I need a vacation... a break from my job for a bit. I'm eager to get to next week where I have some time off. More importantly, I am eager to get to Christmas Break... I need time away!!!


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Here are some wonderful pictures of my family!! My mom and dad are first, then Steve and my nephew Eamon, then Scott (my twin brother) and his fiance Derota, and Dave (my oldest brother) and his family. Enjoy!!

My mom and dad. Posted by Picasa

Steve pushing Eamon on the swigs. Posted by Picasa

Scott reading to E. Posted by Picasa

This is Scott and his fiance Derota (she's Polish). Posted by Picasa

Cates family photo (taken this summer). Posted by Picasa

This is a picture of Dave (my brother) at work. He's on the right side. Posted by Picasa

Eamon and Aine eating dirt... yummmm. Posted by Picasa

Eamon went as a dinosaur for Halloween. Posted by Picasa

Here's E and his pumpkin. Posted by Picasa