Saturday, June 04, 2011

Day 155

 All in all it was a pretty good day... but it was super LONG. Gus didn't sleep in this morning, and Steve got up with him around 7 and went downstairs for the morning. I was able to sleep until 8 and then take a shower, which, is a blessing. :)

Today was Saturday which means it's "No Rules Saturday." This is something we just started doing, but it's fun and makes the day interesting. It just means that we don't have to eat our meals in the dining room... and we have fun all day. :)

Here are some pictures from this morning:

Gus ALMOST has two teeth on the bottom! We can definitely see them, and he's crying and complaining enough to know that they're there, but they haven't come through all the way yet. I give it a week (at the most) and he'll have two little teeth in his mouth.

We put Gus down for his morning nap at 10:30 and he went down without a fight. I was able to completely clean out my email on Incredimail... which is awesome since I had over 800 unread messages on there (mostly Facebook, weather updates, and BabyCenter). It took a while to go through and sort, save, and file the ones I want to keep, and delete the HUGE amount that I didn't want.

Gus woke up and we went down to have lunch. We decided to head outside and swim after he had lunch, and these are the pictures from that:

Gus has had a fondness for towels ever since he was a wee-baby. His fondness has continued as he's become a toddler, and now he's able to play with them and he really enjoys the fun that is had when you put a towel over your head and try to walk around. It makes me laugh every single time!!

After a little bit of fun in the shade (lol), we headed inside to play. We were able to put Gus down for an afternoon nap, and he slept for an hour and a half. He got up after 6 and we decided on pizza for dinner and watched The Hangover while we had dinner in the livingroom and Gus played. It was a good ending to a long, but good day.

Tomorrow we're going to the DBAP to meet Jen and Matt to watch the Bulls take on the Red Sox. It should be interesting... I think the Sox have been winning the series so far. We're taking Gus's little seat and we bought him his own seat for the game. It should be fun... it's supposed to storm and be really hot, so I'm hoping that it's not too awful for us.

On another note... I have decided to remove everyone (except for my dad and Steve) that gets my blog sent to their email automatically. I have a new thing on the side where you can subscribe via email (if you choose). I added people that I thought would want to read my blog under my email permissions, and now that I've got it as a feature to everyone, I'm going to let people decide to follow me if they want. 

I think Adri, Heather, and occasionally, Anne (via email) are the only people that actually comment on my blog. The others just read and move along. So... if you want to keep getting daily messages containing what I blogged about, delivered to your inbox, you'll need to subscribe. I don't want to assume that anyone wants to read this. :)

Another side note... I think I might want to go back to school, or at least take a few classes, on early childhood education. I am very interested in it, as it relates to Gus right now and in the coming years, and I would love to keep my certification (I have to get so many credits to keep my NC license). Steve said we can't afford it right now... but it's something I'm thinking about. Who wants to fund a few classes for me??? Anyone??? Anyone??? LOL

See you tomorrow!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Day 154

What a stupendous day! I can't believe I'm saying that now... if you had asked me at 6:30am if today would be a stupendous day I would have laughed and grumbled at you.

So, Gus didn't want to sleep in this morning. HE HAS TWO TEETH (almost)!!! They're there and you can see them, but they haven't popped through yet! Let the fun begin! Plus (TMI), his poops have changed again and I've read there's a distinct poop that comes with teething.

Anyway, he was up and not cranky, but full-on crying for me at 6:30ish. I was in a deep sleep and didn't want to get up at all... but I did (obviously). It made for an excruciatingly long morning.

We had breakfast and played for a while. We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and one episode of Chuggington and then I put on the music. Usually when MMC is on, Gus watches the whole thing... but he just listens to Chuggington (not quite into it at all). It's fine with me-- I don't want him to watch too much tv and I'd rather listen to music all day than to watch cartoons.

I got a message from Megan that Eloise had a fever and wasn't feeling well, so she wanted to know if we could/should reschedule. It was a good thing because we were supposed to meet at 11 and I knew with Gus getting up so early, that he'd be toast by 11. I was right. So we stayed home and played instead.

I think I've mentioned my new inspiration (Play At Home Moms) and I decided that I'd get out some items from around the house and let Gus to to town banging on them. I found an old pot, two plastic containers of different shapes/sizes, and a metal lid. I have a bunch of wooden spoons from when I hosted my Philly Cream Cheese Dinnertime Dilemma party... so I gave him two wooden spoons to use as drumsticks. HE. HAD. A. BLAST!!!

He also really enjoyed sticking the wooden spoons in his mouth!

Believe it or not, playing with the "drums" got us to 9:45 and then Sara from my MOMS Club came over to give me some toys for Gus. I got such a great deal on them... I got a Laugh and Learn House, a Little People A-Z Zoo with 20+ LP animals, the LP Playground and then the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics ABC-123 set!

That kept Gus happy and busy until 11 and then it was time for a nap. He went down without a fight and slept for about an hour and a half. When he got up, we had lunch and then Steve got home. He brought me Jimmy Johns (yummmm).

Then Gus and I headed out to Wal-Mart to do our weekly grocery shopping.
Wal-Mart was super empty and we had a great trip. I found a Travel Water Doodle and bought it (it was the only one). I want to start working with Gus on doodling and this is perfect because it's all water and no mess! We played with it a little when we got home.

Steve helped me bring in the groceries and helped me put them away (so nice to have help)!! Then Gus played in the livingroom while Steve had a few more things to do upstairs. While we were at the store, we had an Amazon package arrive. I couldn't think of anyhing that I had bought recently, besides the TAG Jr, but that was yesterday and wasn't supposed to be here until Monday. Well guess what? It was Gus's TAG Jr and case!!! I couldn't believe that it was here so quickly!! Way to go Amazon Prime!!

I'm eager to set it up, but it takes AAA batteries and I've been trying to charge two ALL DAY and they're not charging. GRRRRR

Here's a cute picture of Gus seeing Steve when Steve was done working for the day...
We had dinner-- it was so good. BBQ chicken in the crock-pot with onions for flavor, corn and mac-n-cheese (not the best). After dinner we headed to Sonic to try their new Double Stuf Oreo Sonic Blast. It was soooooooooooo good!!!

We don't have anything planned for tomorrow-- just the AC guy is coming. Then Sunday we're going to the Bulls game with Jen and Matt. It should be fun... but VERY hot.

Have a great night!