Thursday, June 28, 2012


I absolutely HATE feeling stressed. Sometimes I think about my situations that cause me stress and I'm not sure why I allow myself to get stressed out. I'm not getting paid to be stressed and everything that's currently stressing me out is something that SHOULD be enjoyable and NOT stressful. Grrrr.

I'm so excited for my parents to come down for their visit on Monday. It's been a month and a half since we last saw them and it's so great to know that they're going to be here for a whole week! It'll be just us and them for seven days and I can't wait!!! 

It's so different when they come here to visit. I feel like we have them all to ourselves because they're not working. We can do whatever they want and they'll be happy just to be with us. It's fantastic. When they're here, we're not trying to see other people AND see them too. It's just us and them and we can focus on just really enjoying our time together.

Tomorrow Gus and I are going to the local Dairy Queen for a tour! I'm excited and I KNOW he'll love it since he LOVES sweets (especially ice cream)!! We're going sunflower picking on Monday and then we aren't doing another MOMS Club activity until the following Tuesday! I have a board meeting on the 6th, but other than that, it's nothing until the 10th, and then nothing again after that until the 16th! It'll be nice to have some down time at home. :-)

I'll be sure to take some pictures tomorrow of the tour and will post them in the afternoon. The good news is that Gus IS napping again. He must have had an off day before, because he napped well yesterday and today. :D

Alright-- I'm off to bed! Here are some pictures from today:

Sharing ice cream after our dinner (it was a 2 for $20 deal with an app/2 entrees/dessert)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6-26-12 KangaZoom

This morning, Gus and I headed to KangaZoom to meet up with Kathryn, Aubree, Kirsten, and Sam. We were supposed to go to a place called Sky Zone for toddler time on trampolines, but when Kathryn called yesterday to double-check, she found out that they don't do the toddler time during the summer. We had to make a last minute change and we decided to check out KangaZoom since none of us had been there.

It was great. Very clean. Exceptionally clean I will say. It was decorated really cute and had AMPLE places to sit and be comfy while your kid plays. It was $9.25 to get in, but thankfully, since we came as a group, we saved $3 each. It's still more than Catch Air, but it was fun. They have a lot more inflatables at KangaZoom, but Catch Air has the train table that Gus LOVES, plus the ball pits, the monkey tree, lots of toys, and the blocks. I think Catch Air is more for your money, but we had fun at KangaZoom.

Kirsten had a Groupon/LivingSocial deal that was 10 visits for $25. If I see a deal like that again, I'm for sure going to buy it. Otherwise, it'll be a while before we head back. I still have five visits to Catch Air on my card and then ANOTHER card to activate from Groupon. :D  Yes, we like Catch Air.  :)

Here are a few pictures from our morning out:

After spending the morning playing, we all headed to zPizza for lunch. At KangaZoom, we were given a $5 coupon and each of us used it for lunch. They had a pick three deal for $8 and I got a piece of pizza for me and one for Gus and then a side salad. I also got drinks for both of us and it came to $11. With my coupon, Gus and I ate lunch for $6 and it was delicious!!! I'll definitely go back!!

When we got home, we played for a bit and then I thought Gus was ready for a nap. He chose (again) to not nap. I am so very afraid that our days of him taking an afternoon nap are over. :-/

He'll still have an hour of quiet time in his room, but I don't know if he'll be sleeping. He yawns and appears sleepy, but when he's up in his room, he's talking, singing, counting, or jumping. I don't know. We'll see.

I'm excited to have the next two days to do nothing and stay home. Gus and I have been going, going, going every day with activities and it'll be nice to just chill here. I won't complain about having too much to do, because it could be opposite and we could still not know anyone, be miserable, homesick, and lonely. 

Anyway, we had a good day and I'm eager to spend tomorrow relaxing at home.