Tuesday, November 06, 2007

So I went home to Michigan... it's funny how SO many things change when you're away. I went and visited Dreama (my old nail girl) and like half the people that used to work there have either quit or been fired. Then there's the actual changes that have taken place in the city... there's a Borders that was not there before... I never knew a Borders could be built and supplied and open within four months.

I got my fill of eating out. We went to Big Boy for lunch on Thursday and I finally got to enjoy a Slim Jim... soooo good. Then my dad and I went to the coney island for dinner. They don't have 'em down here and I definitely missed a good coney dog and Greek salad. We also went to Max-n-Erma's (don't have 'em in NC) and of course Montana's (a local restaurant).

My mom and I went to the cider mill and had cider and donuts. Yummm... but all though I was "home" I really missed Steve. When I was in the air landing in Detroit, I got a little teary-eyed and it really hit me that I don't live there anymore.

It was chilly and the fall colors in Michigan are unlike the colors anywhere else. It was perfect in every way, but it wasn't "home." Steve and I decided that the next time we travel, we're going together.

We're going to Ohio, Indiana and Michigan for Christmas. Steve's dad is getting married, so we're flying out on the 21st (my last day) and then we're gone all through the 29th or 30th. We won't be here for Christmas... which makes me sad. But... we will be in Michigan for Christmas Eve, so I can go shopping with my dad, and then we'll be at my parent's for Christmas and the day after.

I got to see Shauna and Gen and Aimee while I was home. It was great to see them and catch up, though I didn't get as much time as I'd have liked.

Anywho-- enough from me for now. I'll write again soon!
Until next time...