Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No time...

So I feel like lately I don't have time for anything! I was out sick last Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday... and I haven't been able to get back on track. I guess being sick does that to you. Anyway- not just at work but here at home too, I feel like I'm rushed at night and didn't get anything done that I had planned.

I completely redid my website. If you haven't noticed yet- thanks for taking the time to look at my website occasionally (lol). It looks so much nicer-- and I'm very proud of my efforts (I couldn't have done it without Steve). I have earned five or six awards so far... which is very cool.

Steve bought me my Sidekick III phone for Christmas (early). I absolutely love love love it!! He's so good to me. My new number was e-mailed out-- if you didn't get the e-mail let me know and I'll hook you up with my digits!!

I started an art club at school for Mondays from 4-5 and this last Monday (yesterday) was my first day. It was so great! I am not getting paid for it, but it was fun! I love to draw and teach and I am getting to do both! I have 27 kids in my first session (about 8 weeks long) and then another 27 for my second session (another 8 weeks). I had more than 75 kids express an interest to join-- I had to turn away kids and it made me sad, but I just can't do another day because I'm not being paid and the club isn't being funded by my school-- yeah I have SUCH a supportive principal (NOT).

Yesterday I went to Optim-Eyes for my annual eye exam. My eyes are healthy-- but my prescription changed. I'm near-sighted and I have a bad stygmatism in my left eye-- so I have a cute new pair of glasses coming next Monday. You will be seeing me wear these ones, as they are cute!! Steve liked them a lot (he helped decide which ones to get).

After my appointment, we went to Circuit City and bought a new home stereo system (surround sound). We've got one now, but it's not a good quailty... but our new one kicks some serious butt!! We used our Christmas money for it so the best part about it-- we paid for it with cash and it's ours--all ours!! I love having our finances in line and I'm so glad we've been saving all year for Christmas (we're enrolled in a Christmas Club). YAY!!!

Anyway-- I'm looking forward to being done with school for a few weeks. We've got two weeks left and I'm excited! My student teacher, Diane, has her last day with us on Friday. It'll be a very sad day, as she's been an amazing addition to my classroom!!! She is going to help me with art club on Mondays so I'm glad I'll still work with her and my kids will still get to see her!!

Until next time...