Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Indiana :: Day 8 :: Family Pizza and More Family!

Steve and his Grandma Scott

We got up Friday morning had knew we had a busy day ahead of us. We were going to head to New Paris (where Steve is from) and visit with his grandparents, then swing by the cemetery to pay our respects to his mom, then go by his old house where he grew up. While out and about we I requested Pizza King again for lunch (I know... but it's SOOOOO good)!!! After lunch we were going back to the farm for a bbq with Sue Ann's family and friends and Steve's Uncle Stan and his daughter.

It was such a great day.

We started off by visiting Steve's Grandma Scott. She's the sweetest woman and is just too cute for words. I am so happy that we get to stop and see her and Steve's grandpa. I'm happy that they get to see the boys too.

She's got some beautiful flowers around her yard!

So handsome

All his trains

We said goodbye and then headed to the cemetery to visit Steve's mom's grave. It's never easy to go there and we both cry each time. It's sad that she was taken from him so young, and Steve wishes that she could have lived long enough to see him as a dad. 

We got to the grave and Gus wanted to know what daddy was doing, so he and I went out and stood with Steve. He was confused about where we were, and so Steve told him that we were visiting where his mama is buried. You could see the sadness in Gus's face when he realized that Steve's mama was not living anymore. He's mentioned that  "Daddy's mama is in heaven" a few times since going to her grave.

We were hungry, so we headed to a different Pizza King. This one is the "fancy" one and it's called Clara's. When I was at MSU, there was a place in East Lansing called Clara's and I swear the two are related. 

I know why people call it the fancy Pizza King... the menu has more to offer AND there's a double decker bus INSIDE the restaurant that you can sit in while you eat!!! FOR REAL!!!!

After our incredible lunch (goodness was it ever good)... we headed back to the farm. On the way, we stopped at some railroad tracks so I could take some pictures of the boys. It had started raining, so I couldn't get pictures that I was hoping for, but they are cute.

Once back at the farm, the festivities began and family and friends started arriving. We had a great dinner and then another bonfire. Sue Ann had a special treat for Gus... paper lanterns that you light!!! He loved it!!!

Steve chatting with his Uncle Stan (his mom's brother)

Gorgeous sunset

Our trip to the farm was such a great time. We never have enough time to do everything we'd like, but this year's vacation was a lot of fun and we are so glad we had a chance to go back up and see family and friends.