Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Michigan :: Day 2- Fourth of July BBQ

The reason we went north for vacation this summer was to see family. It's so hard to live so far away from everyone, and we just don't have the ability to go home every summer like we used to. Not only is it hard to physically get there (hours in the car with two small kiddos), but it's expensive too. 

We decided to head north and I was most excited to see my parents and my twin brother and his family. I miss the fact that my kids are not being raised with their cousins as an active part of their lives. When I was growing up, my cousins and I were as close as siblings, and we saw each other weekly.

Gus and Hugh were super excited to see their Michigan cousins, and they all had a blast together on the Fourth of July. 

My brother had a BBQ and invited my parents, his in-laws and their kids, and we were there as well. I have to say, spending time with my brother and his family was so needed. I feel like every time we go north, I never get to spend good time with him and I've missed him dearly.

It's only natural for the little cousins to form idol-worship in the biggest cousins. Hugh fell in love with my oldest nephew, Alex. Alex is so good with little kids (he's got three little sisters that keep him busy) and was so great with Hugh.

Gus found the flowers and garden of his Aunt Christie to be amazing!!

How many kiddos can fit on the trampoline?!?!

It wasn't Georgia hot, but it was definitely warm enough for the kids to get wet!!

My sweet baby niece, Zoey (she's 2 today)!!

Biscuit loved the slip-n-slide!!

My niece Lily

My niece Charlie

Cheers to sisters!!!

Zoey and Hugh hit it off!!

Gus loves Lily (they're only 10 months apart)





Hugh was a big fan of his cousin Charlie :D

Gus's favorite part (besides the garden and flowers) was the awesome trampoline!!

Sand and water tables made everyone happy (and dirty)!!

Aunt Christie had some glow in the dark items for the kiddos to wear!

 We didn't stay late enough to watch any fireworks, but we had such a wonderful time with my family. It made me sad to think of all the time that we're missing out on with both my twin brother's family, and my oldest brother's family. It'd be easier to all live closer, but that's not a possibility. :(

This Fourth of July was definitely a memorable one and I'm glad I got to spend it with people I love!


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