Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trip to Michigan

We decided to take a trip north for the summer since it had been almost two years since we had been "home." We set out on Friday, July 3rd and had a great drive without any issues. The boys were entertained for five straight hours before needing us to turn on a movie. :-)

Driving through the Smokey Mountains was pretty (as it always is) and the boys liked seeing the "smoke" on the mountains. 

We stopped for a quick lunch and were back on the road without any hiccups. We were able to get to Michigan in less than 12 hours total.
Each boy was excited to have his own iPad to play with

They both napped... which was AWESOME

Gus and Hugh napped twice... which was so great!!

We arrived in Michigan at 5pm!
We got to our hotel just before 6pm and ordered some Hungry Howies to be delivered to our hotel. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and my parents came to the hotel to see us. It was a great first day of our vacation!


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