Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Indiana :: Day 7:: Connersville Children's Day & Farm Fun

July 9th, 2015

We woke up and headed over to Steve's Dad's place for breakfast. His dad was not home, but the boys got to see their Nana and she made us biscuits and gravy for breakfast. YUM!!

After we had breakfast, we visited for a bit and then got ready to head to Connersville for their Children's Day event. It was basically like a touch-a-truck event that we have here in Johns Creek.

Waffles for the boys

Gus and Tidbit (his favorite dog in the whole world)

Steve's dad met us at the festival and we had fun walking around and seeing all the different vendors. They had free popcorn, popsicles, hotdogs, chips, and drinks. Gus and Hugh were very happy to eat free food.

Gus touched a baby alligator!

After playing games and checking out the different vehicles, we decided to head over to where the train was. Gus and Hugh LOVE trains, so it was exciting to see their faces when standing next to such a LARGE train!! They got to go in and sit in the conductor's seat, and we got to explore all the cars. We had a very special treat when we got to the end of the train!!

Conductor Gus

Conductor Hugh

We got out and started toward the caboose... and guess who was attached to the train?!?!?

Thomas's face was covered (he comes to that station for Day Out With Thomas) but it was obviously him. Gus and Hugh were so excited to climb up and explore his cabin!! We've never been to the Day Out with Thomas event, so I don't know how much exploring you get to do, but it was such a treat to see him and have no one else be around us!!

After seeing Thomas, we headed inside the depot and did some shopping. Grandpa bought each boy a train and then Steve and I also got them a train, so they each had two. :-)

Playing at the train table while we shopped

As we came out of the shop, we noticed that the train was leaving

The train left the station and we decided to do some more exploring, as there were a few new additions parked in the lot for kids to explore.

In a utility truck

Playing with the firemen's car

We noticed that the train was coming back... and when we went to watch it go by, we saw that Thomas was no longer attached!! I'm so glad we were able to see him before he left the station!! There were so many kids at this event and I bet none of them realized who was parked so close and they all missed him!!

We returned to the farm and had a nice dinner and then Steve's dad and Sue Ann lit a fire for us. Gus had fun catching fireflies (we don't have them here in Georgia) and we had s'mores and enjoyed the perfect evening.

It was a great day in Indiana!!


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