Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Michigan :: Day 5 :: Dinner at Buddy's

July 7th, 2015

Whenever we go home, we have a few places that we like to go because we can't get it here in Georgia. Our favorites include, Mickey's/Dairy Dan, Ram's Horn, Big Boy (Steve HATES Big Boy but I love it), Olga's, Pizza Papilis, Mongolian BBQ, and Buddy's Pizza. 

When Gus was Baptized, we had his luncheon at Buddy's after, and have always made it a priority to get to Buddy's at least once each time we are in the Mitten.

After we left the island, we met Scott's family and my parents at Buddy's for dinner. We had to leave Wednesday morning, so we knew this would be our last dinner together and our last time to eat at Buddy's. 

It was delicious.
Buddy's serves the classic "Michigan Square Deep Dish" and their sauce is out of this world!

Gus was excited to sit next to Lily for dinner

Now I'm hungry for Buddy's!!!


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