Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Michigan :: Day 4 :: Out and About Town


When we got back to the hotel on Sunday night, we learned that Gus's iPad Mini would not come on. We had accidentally placed the Rainforest Cafe bottle with water inside, in the same bag as the Mini, and the condensation from the bottle, somehow got on the iPad and fried it.

So Steve called around and was able to get us an appointment at this local place that fixes computers and iPads/Phones. We dropped off the Mini with the hopes that they'd be able to fix it for us, and then we met my mom and dad at Mongolian BBQ for lunch.

Gus was ecstatic to see that they had crawdads out and you could add them to your bowl to be cooked. We had already ordered their lunch, but I wanted Gus to have a chance to try one, so I let him come with me to fill my bowl and he picked out the biggest crawdad that he could find.

He's been OBSESSED with a show on YouTube called The Axel Show. On one of the episodes, Axel and his dad go camping and search for crawdads and then cook them in the fire and eat them. Gus had been saying he wanted to find crawdads and cook them for dinner for over a month before our trip. He was excited to try a crawdad and be like Axel!!

After lunch, we went shopping and then drove by our old house in Canton. We got a call from the repair shop that the iPad was not able to be fixed, but they recommended that we take it to the Apple store.

I guess I'm spoiled by living here in GA. We have so many Apple stores around us that I don't give much thought to them. In Michigan, they are only inside malls, and there are only three that are anywhere near where we were staying. So we had to drive out to Novi to see if we could get it repaired.

Here, you can pretty much just stop into any Apple store without an appointment and not have much of a wait. Not the case in Michigan. I don't know if it's because there aren't a bunch there, or if it was because it was after a holiday, but there was a three hour wait for those without appointments, and they weren't taking appointments until WEDNESDAY.

Steve waited in line to get that info while I took Gus and Hugh to the soft play area.

The boys had a great time and I liked not having to deal with them while waiting in line with Steve at the Apple store. I got a text from Steve saying that it'd be three hours before we could be seen, and unfortunately, we didn't have three extra hours to waste. We decided to try another day, and headed to my SIL's house for dinner.

My SIL makes the most includible mashed potatoes and beer steak that I've ever had in my life. I can't even describe it, but it's my favorite meal. She made dinner for us while the kids watched Home. It was a nice visit and it was so great to spend time with my family.


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