Sunday, June 28, 2015

Last Day of GA PreK

August 11th, 2014

The last day of GA PreK arrived on Friday, May 22nd and we were all kinds of excited! While we were sad to say goodbye to the friends made at Medlock Bridge, we were so ready to stop waking up at 5:40am M-F to get on a bus at 6:15am. I'm sorry, but it made for a really LONG school year.

Gus still had a bit of a baby-face at the start of the year, but by May 22nd, that baby look was gone. It's sad so see the passing of this phase, but exciting at the same time to start the next phase :: The Elementary Years.

I'm excited for Gus to experience all the wonderful things that come with attending school. He thrives on order and routine, and school is perfect for that. He loves being around other kids and feeling important, and he'll have that. Most importantly, he needs his sensory needs met, and when he returns to kindergarten in the fall, he'll have plenty of time to have all his sensory needs met. It's going to be great for him.

Here are some comparison pictures of August and May.
August 2014

May 2015

1st Day with Mr. Serge

Last Day with Mr. Serge

1st Day

Last Day

This year has been full of tremendous growth for Gus. Academically, he's on the advanced side of things and has recently begun reading sight words. While in school, he was one of five kids in the only reading group in his class, and he was doing really well. He loves books, words, and reading.

His favorite subjects are science, reading, and math-- though to be honest, he really loves all subjects. He has a natural love for learning and I'm praying that it continues.

I know that preschool, kindergarten, and first grade are the CRITICAL years for developing a love for school and learning. If a child has a negative experience during these three years, it sets the tone for the future, and there's nothing more difficult to process than a child that hates school. We're hoping that he gets a phenomenal teacher for kindergarten and that his first grade year is met with nothing but happiness, growth, and success.

We've already started preparing for kindergaten and have been reading lots of books with a kindergarten theme. We recently bought his backpack (on clearance from REI and it's awesome). We per-ordered a Paw Patrol lunch box and are eager for it to ship. I've started buying back to school clothing (I've got his first day of school outfit bought and his shirt and tie for fall pictures). Needless to say, he's really excited for kindergarten. :-)

Next we need to start focusing on Hugh and his first day, but he doesn't start until September (he starts Tu/Th preschool on the Tuesday after Labor Day). Gus starts kindergarten on August 10th.

I'm hoping to post more this summer-- please forgive the lapse in time!!