Monday, December 01, 2014

10-21-14 Karate Testing

Ara the Turtle

Gus's karate instructors were super exited to share with him that he was ready to test for his Ara belt. We were excited as well, but a little confused because the program was changing to a new curriculum.

Typically, he would have been testing for his orange belt, but because the program was totally being changed, all the white belts tested for the Ara belt. This is also a white belt, but it's a different belt from the one that they get on their third day of class. The Ara belt is white with a light green stripe through the middle. With the new program, they have new uniforms too, and now they get a patch that matches their belt.

I wasn't sure how the testing would go, but it was super easy. Because of the new curriculum, they decided to make it an Expo and they introduced the whole program, and then all the former "Tiny Tigers" were together for testing. Now there are no more "Tiny Tigers" they're all just Tigers.

Here are some pictures of Gus testing and then getting his Ara belt!!

We will be testing this month for the Baeoh belt! Once he gets this belt, he'll be using Ssahng Jeol Bongs (nunchuks)!!!