Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 225 (Saturday, August 13th)

August 13th, 2010

August 13th, 2011

What a day!

We got up this morning, got showers and dressed and headed to Wake Forest for a memorial service. My gosh, Wake Forest is a hike!! It felt like we were driving forever and then we still weren't even at Crossroads of Wake Forest (where we got Chuck Dio). We arrived at the church at 10:40 and the service began at 11. There were a TON of people. We had to park on the grass away from the parking lot, because there were so many cars... and there were tons coming in after us.

We asked if there was an infant/cry room (our church has one), but they didn't have one. However, they did have childcare provided. We said we'd try to keep Gus with us, but if needed, we'd bring him to them.

We headed into the church and fortunately found two seats on the end of the row, so we could make a quick escape with Gus if needed. Well... we needed it. Just as the family started to come into the church, Gus started flipping out. (YIKES!!) Steve took him out... but never came back.

As I sat there alone, I kept waiting for him to return, but he didn't. I assumed that he was in the lobby and was okay.

The ceremony was so touching. It was so sad to sit and listen to all these people reflect upon her life. All I kept thinking was, "Why her?" I mean, seriously. She was only 42, had two beautiful, YOUNG children, and a marriage that was so solid and loving. Why did she have to die? Her friends, co-workers, and family spoke about what an amazing person she was- so giving and loving. She always gave to others, and truly lived her life with purpose. Maybe she was taken so that she could inspire others through her death. I don't know.

Her family picked the song "On Eagles Wings" and it was sung by a man and a woman. I'm telling you... that song... it kills me. I can just hear it in my head and I cry like a baby. It's so powerful, touching, and resonates deep within my soul. When I die... I want it played at my funeral. They also picked "Here I Am Lord" which is another one that gets me choked up. 

At the end of the service, her husband, Paco, walked out, holding his son and was sobbing. It was such a horrible sight. Steve had been in the waiting area, and when Paco came out, Steve happened to be standing there, and they hugged. Steve holding Gus, and Paco holding his son Jack, and they both cried.

We all die. I guess it's important to remember that we must give all that we can to each day, and love with all our hearts. We never know when it's our time to go, and it's always sooner than we'd ever hope.The pastor made a comment about how hard death is for the living. On one hand, we know that the person that has died, is no longer suffering, is not in pain, and is amongst their loved ones that have passed. Most importantly, they're with God and where we hope to join them someday. But... it's the fear of the unknown that makes death so sad. Physically, we miss that person and we don't know how long it'll be before we see them again.

I guess it makes me so happy to be a Christian. I have strong, unwavering faith that when I die, I'll go before God and have to answer for my life. I also believe, that I will spend eternity with my maker and be overjoyed to be in His presence. I couldn't imagine not having this faith, and thinking that when I die... that's it. In the ground I go to rot. No thanks!!

Anyway... here are two pictures taken just before we left this morning:

We need to get Gus a new onesie dress shirt-- this one is about to be too small. He looked cute though... I want to get matching ties for him and Steve. It'll be super cute when we have to get dressed up (not very often, but it does happen).

After the service, I met Steve and Gus in the lobby. Apparently, he took Gus to the room where they were watching the kids and he was okay... and then when Steve got to the lobby, the lady came and got him because Gus was crying. Steve got him and he was better. I guess they gave him some Goldfish for a snack and it made him stop crying too.

We followed the hundreds of people to the community center, but there were people everywhere, it was 12:20, and we were starving. They had food, but there was no rhyme or reason as to how to find it and get some... there was a HUGE line of people to pay their respects to Paco and the kids, and since Steve had already hugged him... we didn't need to wait in line. Steve saw his co-workers and talked to them, so we decided to just leave.

There was a Red Robin on the way home, so we stopped for lunch. I got a free burger with my Red Royalty card (whoo hoo). We got home and put Gus down for a nap. I also napped... but as it turned out, Gus didn't sleep at all (I slept for like an hour).

We spent the remainder of the evening downstairs. Here are some cute pictures of Steve and Gus from tonight...

We had dinner... and then I took this picture of Hobo:
Ready to come down from the cabinets...

Jumping from the fridge to the counter to the ground...

Here are pictures from a year ago:
He was so tiny!!

I'm tired... see you tomorrow!


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