Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 224

August 12th, 2010
August 12th, 2011

This morning I woke up around 8 and jumped in the shower. Gus was still sleeping when I got out, and I went to my computer to see if Kristen had texted me about needing to cancel for church. She hadn't, so I had to go in and wake him up. We left the house at 8:40 and would have been early to mass, had I not gotten stuck behind the old lady on my street that drives like 2 MPH. Then I got stuck in the school traffic (grrrrr). I ended up getting to mass right as father was about to head up to the altar.

I saw Kristen and Grace, but they were in a pew, and I needed to take Gus into the cry room. However... the microphone wasn't hooked up on the priest, so I heard NOTHING. A man came into the cry room and I told him that there was no sound, and so he opened the door. Thankfully, Gus didn't try to get out or make a lot of noise. About ten minutes into mass, Kristen and Grace joined us in the cry room.

After mass, we headed back here to play. I took some really cute pictures of Grace and Gus (G Squared):

They left around 12:45 and I quickly fed Gus some lunch and then took him up for his nap. He was MORE than ready for it and slept from about 1:15 until 4:15. It was a really long nap!!

When he got up, he and Steve went to get their hair cut. I worked on completing the one HUGE order and it's now ready to go. I've got two more to do this weekend and then I can ship all of them Monday while I'm in Fuquay.

I think know my computer has a virus. It's not acting right and so after I finish this, I'll be doing a complete virus scan and fix.

Here are two pictures that Steve took of Gus at the barber shop:

We have to be up early tomorrow to get on the road for the memorial service for Steve's co-worker's wife. It will be very sad... but hopefully, Gus can make people smile. I hope he behaves during the memorial service...

I got my nephew Alex's Christmas or birthday gift today! He is going to LOVE it. I think it'll be for Christmas... we already got him his birthday gift (his birthday is less than two weeks from Christmas).

Okay... time to end this and get my computer scanned!! Hopefully it'll be working tomorrow!

Before I go- here are some pictures from a year ago. It was the first time that I got together with some of the people that I taught with at Oak Grove... for a playdate. We all have babies about the same age, so it was fun to see them together. I think it was Gus's first "official" playdate with kids his age!!

Gus and Eloise

Then here are a few more:
One of the last times that Gus actually used a paci (I am going to write a whole blog about my annoyance with anyone over the age of one being in public with a paci)

Fitting into the Bebe-Pod a little better than a month before...

Chillin in the pack-n-play

It looks like a baby jail!!



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