Monday, August 08, 2011

Photo Challenge: Friendship

The theme this week is "Friendship" and I instantly thought of Gus and Grace. I met Kristen (Grace's mom) through Triangle Mommies at a New Moms Night Out. When everyone went around the table and shared info about ourselves and our kids, she said that she had a six-month-old daughter. At the time, Gus was also six-months-old. When I asked when her birthday was, Kristen said, "May 15th." I was amazed because Gus is May 11th! We got together in November for our first playdate, and we've been getting Gus and Grace together weekly ever since.

Gus and Grace absolutely love each other and play so well together. Not only has it been wonderful for Gus to have a playmate (as he's an only child right now), but it's been wonderful meeting Kristen. She and I compare notes on the development and progression of the kids, and we've formed a wonderful friendship as a result. I look forward to our playdates each week, and love to watch Gus and Grace interact. 

While I have SEVERAL favorites of the two of them together, this is my favorite picture:
This was taken at the NC Zoo and they were looking at something on Grace's stroller. They often touch each other, and it's not uncommon to see their heads together like this. It's like they're sharing a brain-wave!



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