Sunday, August 07, 2011

Day 219

August 7th, 2010

August 7th, 2011


I got up this morning and worked on some school stuff, but it's all typing and NOT INTERESTING to me at all. I finally got into the real-world typing this afternoon, which was a little better... but not much.

I think I'm going to try to get five hours each day so that I can spend the weekend doing nothing else. I hated to come up here to work while Steve and Gus were downstairs. I need to rearrange some things for next week. I feel behind already... I started Wednesday and so if I did three-four hours a day, I should have fifteen hours logged and I only have a little more than ten. 

This morning Gus was playing with his frog and was fixated for like thirty minutes on it. He was totally in "the zone" with it and it made me laugh!

He of course wanted to share it with daddy

Because we knew we'd have a late night ahead of us, instead of putting Gus down for a nap at 11 (his usual time), we pushed it back to almost 1:00. He struggled to get through lunch...

While Gus napped, I did school stuff and Steve went to get stuff for my felt and magnet boards. He also stopped at the Teeter and got us each a sub for lunch and some red-skinned potato salad-- it was so delicious!

Gus woke up and Steve went to work on hanging the boards for me. Gus and I went into the playroom with him and I played with Gus and took pictures to document the event.
Steve getting things organized and ready... and Gus playing


Watching daddy to see what he was doing (so cute)

Elphie was watching... one board up!

Ready for the magnet board to go up!

Gus took everything out of the cabinet...


Making some music!

Measuring for the baskets...

Ned, Gus, Elphie and Steve... LOL

Hooks on the wall and ready for the baskets

Gus had to check them out

The finished product! Great job Steve!!!

We headed out the door soon after this picture, and went to say "see you soon" to Jen and Matt. Matt is leaving on Tuesday for good, Jen is driving with him and then she's flying back to NC. She'll be here until the very end of the month and then she's going to drive out with her sister and dad. It was a great party, very sad to think of them leaving, but I know we'll see them again.

It was nice to see Megan and Eloise, Kim Bailey was there and then some other Oak Grove friends... it was a really HOT day... and we started out on the deck and moved inside to eat. Happily, there were several others that followed us inside!

Here are some fun pictures from the night:
Gus sitting outside people-watching (and the picture that he colored)

Going for a walk with daddy

Me watching him with Megan and Eloise

Gus and Eloise

Water break with dad

Eloise just started walking yesterday!

Old buddies

We headed inside to eat and it was amazing... so much cooler!!!
Dipping his chicken in some honey mustard (lol)

Ummmm... milk

Gus and Eloise sat next to each other  :)

Jen with Gus and then Matt's brother and sister-in-law with their baby

Gus loves to be surrounded by girls!

Making faces at me

His beautiful piece of art!

While we were chatting tonight, Megan asked me if I wanted to be in her bookclub. I think I might join! It's full of a bunch of people that I already know, so that's good, and they're reading fun books. She said it's more like a wine club and they talk about books (some of the time). LOL.  I think I'll go when they have their next get together (in two weeks).

Here are some pictures from a year ago. It was the last day that Matt and Aimee were here... we went to IHOP for breakfast and then came back for them to load up their minivan and Matt took the last set of pictures of Gus that he's taken for us. They were the best yet!!

Gus with Lucas and Tanner

Happy watching the fan spin round and round at IHOP  :)

The last time Aimee saw Gus!!!  :(

Gus and Steve   So cute!

Here's a video from a year ago yesterday (I meant to post it yesterday):

We've got nothing planned for tomorrow and then Tuesday we're going to a playdate over at Lacey's house with the triplets and Grace and I think Oliver too. Then nothing else... Thursday, Gus will be 15 months (CRAZY) and then Friday we're going to mass with Grace and Kristen and then playing after!!

Should be a fun week!!


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