Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 223

August 11th, 2010

August 11th, 2011

So I got another order today... I feel like I'm getting more and more behind in my classes... but then there's another part of me that feels like I have time that I can spend on weekends once the "back to school" rush is over. It's nice that I'm getting more and more orders though.  :)

This morning we did a whole lot of the same that we did yesterday... we played, read, danced, and I watched some television. I took some funny pictures of Gus this morning. He is obsessed with taking off my shoes (or flip-flops) and then putting them back on my feet. He also likes to put them on his feet... and he likes to touch feet. These pictures made me LOL because it looks like he's giving me a foot massage...

Then he decided to try and squeeze himself between the table and couch right next to me... however, he's much to big for such a small space... he kinda freaked out a bit when he realized that he was stuck...

While Gus took his morning nap, I worked on some orders. Then after he woke up we headed to Harris Teeter to do the grocery shopping. Steve hates that I shop there, because he thinks it's more expensive. I like it because I LOVE their deli... AND when I shop there I'm not tempted by all the other stuff (like I am at Wal-Mart). I almost ALWAYS get Gus a piece of clothing, a sippy cup, or something in the toy department. At HT... I get groceries and that's it.  :)

When I went to check out, I realized that I had dropped/lost my credit card in the store. It was in the front pocket of the cart cover, and I must have dropped it when I was taking out my phone/shopping list. I used a different card, and then told the person at the customer service desk that I lost it. She took my info and said they do floor sweeps every half-hour to hour and when they do the next one, she'd make sure they were looking for my card.

I pulled into the driveway and Harris Teeter called to tell me that they had my card.  :)  I had just called Steve to ask him to call AMX and cancel/report it lost... so I called him back and told him that HT had it... he was on hold and hadn't talked to anyone yet... so it was all good. 

I put Gus down for an afternoon nap, but he didn't take it. So instead he and I played on my bed and then Steve got home. We went to Danny's BBQ for dinner (I had a Twongo voucher). It was yummy!! I love their corn nuggets!! Here are some pictures of Gus at dinner:

We got home and I needed to take Gus's 15 month pictures. Here they are:

It's hard to believe that he's 15 months already. The past three months have just FLOWN by at supersonic speed!! Here are pictures of Gus when he was three months old...
So sleepy...

Gus and Steve

Sleeping in his swing  :)

Wearing his onesie from Aunt Christie and Uncle Scott

Tomorrow we're going to mass at 9am and meeting Kristen and Grace at church. They they're going to come over here and play for a bit. If it's not too hot we might go to the park to play! Then I'm going to get my nails done tomorrow after Steve gets home. He and Gus are going to go get their hair cut... and then we have a funeral Saturday morning.  :(

See you tomorrow!


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