Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 222

August 10th, 2010

August 10th, 2011

This morning Gus woke up in a very happy mood. He woke me up by laughing in his crib... not sure what was so funny in there, but I woke up to the sounds of his laughter and it was the best.

We headed downstairs and had breakfast and then played and listened to music. It was a good morning.

Gus took a nap at 11 and then I worked on some of my Cat's Custom Classroom Creations orders. He got up around 1:00 and we headed downstairs for lunch.

The afternoon was spent playing, dancing, reading, and then he watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Then he took his second nap at 4:00 and I did more of my order while he slept. 

Gus got up and we had dinner and then it was bedtime.

Today, my textbooks for my classes arrived. There are more than 13 of them and they're crazy!!! I'm glad I have them to help me with my studies... but holy smokes!! 

I got another order for C4 today... so that's good. I'll start that tomorrow. I plan on shipping everything on Friday or Saturday.

I just finished talking to Kristen... I'm so glad that we're friends. She totally gets me and is there to listen when I need to chat about things. She and I are taking the same classes, so it's nice to have her there to help with that stuff too. Anyway... I'm thankful that she was available tonight to listen to me and give me some words of wisdom.

As a side... I'm hoping upon hopes and wishing upon wishes that things work out in a particular way... so hopefully God hears my prayers and comes through as I'm hoping. :)

Nite!! I can't believe that tomorrow Gus will be 15 months. Where has the time gone?? Here are pictures from a year ago... I want my little baby boy back!!!


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You are doing so great keeping up with your 365 blog....I have not done a very good job. When I started taking pictures of her everyday, they were turning out to be a lot of the same things. Oh well....I still have TONS of pictures of her!

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