Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Day 221

August 9th, 2010

August 9th, 2011

This morning I walked into Gus's room and found him naked. He un-snapped his onesie, took it off and took off his diaper too. :)

We had a Triangle Mommies K15 playdate this morning over at Lacey's house in FV. She actually lives just down the street from a lady in my MOMS Club, and Sara (the MC lady) has tried to get Lacey to join! Too funny.

Anyway... here are some pictures from the playdate:

As you can see, I didn't take my camera with me. Why you ask? Well... I knew that the mom that called me the "mamaratzi" was going to be there and I didn't feel like hearing her. I went into today giving her a second chance and thought that yes, maybe the first time that I met her, MAYBE I was in a bad mood and thus, the first impression wasn't a fair one.


I was totally right about her. As Lacey put it, "she's abrasive." It was the perfect word to describe her. Some people come across sweet, some shy, and some... flat-out abrasive. She totally rubbed me the wrong way the first time I met her, and then again today. HOWEVER... I will say that she wasn't AS bad today, but it was still quite awkward. There was another lady there today with her son who was born May 20th (Lacey's girls were May 18th) so again, six kids all within nine days of each other and world's apart!!

This little guy isn't walking yet and I would have thought that Gus would have ventured toward him and the other boy that was there, but nope... he stayed with his girls. The other boy is my "friend's" son and he's a month younger than Gus (I think) and then she brought her four-year-old. HOLY TERROR. The boy was very misbehaved and my "friend" should have just taken her kids and left. Her older son was throwing puzzle-piece foam flooring at the other lady's four-year-old daughter (yes... my "friend" and the new lady knew each other). Neither mom said anything to their kids about throwing things, and it was a bit out of control. Poor Lacey was ready to say something, but being as kind as she is, she wasn't sure what to say or how to address other people's kids. Especially since the two moms were completely okay with their kids throwing things at each other and they were more interested in talking to each other than disciplining their kids. YIKES!!

I told Kristen and Lacey (after everyone had left) that I'm okay with "private" playdates of the fab five.

Anyway, we didn't leave Lacey's until almost one... Gus was asleep the minute I put him in the car and pulled out of Lacey's driveway. It was about 20 minutes to get home and then we had lunch. I kept him up for a bit longer and then put him down for a nap at 3:00. He didn't fall asleep until 3:30 or so.

I stepped down from my VST position with AGD. I just don't have the time for it now that I'm starting classes. It's kinda nice not to have to stress about it. I also stepped down from adoption moderator of Triangle Mommies. I want to have as little on my plate as possible, and it's actually refreshing to not stress about emails and obligations.

Gus got up and we played in his playroom for a little bit before heading downstairs. Here are some pictures of Gus eating dinner tonight... he's getting really good at using a fork!!

I went out and grabbed the mail and saw that Gus got mail today!!! A postcard from Disney Land came today with his very favorite person on it... Mickey Mouse!! His cousin Aine sent him a postcard and it made his day!!
"Look Gus... you got some mail!!"

"Who is that a picture of??"

Mickey Mouse!!!

How cute is this???

Steve had to work late tonight, but we were able to have an hour together before heading up for bed. He's got a BIG CEO forum thingy that he's going to all day tomorrow (a conference). He's hoping to network and meet some people.

I've decided that until my textbooks arrive (sometime this week I think), I'm going to take time off from class. I've got some Cat's Custom Classroom Creations orders to work on, and I'll go back to school stuff once they're done.

Here are a few pictures from a year ago:
Little baby burrito

He was so tiny that he could barely reach the hanging items...

Here's a video taken today:


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