Saturday, August 06, 2011

Day 218

August 6th, 2010

August 6th, 2011

This morning I slept in and it was GREAT! I had two C4 orders to fill last night and I was up late doing them. I had breakfast and then headed to the post office and then on to get my hair done. Here are two pictures...
In the chair while Shannon mixed my color...

Taken by Steve tonight :)

It had been over nine months since I got my hair done/cut. I had a Groupon so I only had to pay a tip which was nice. I am so happy with the color and I always love it when my hair is straightened... something I can't do myself and it looks nice when it's done. I will have tomorrow with it and then that's it... I'll wash it on Monday and it'll be back to curly.

We had dinner with the Dudding family tonight at Mamma Mia's and it was nice. I always enjoy their company... Francis wasn't feeling well, so dinner was cut short. I ordered the special (Should NOT have)... it was shrimp parm and I should have just gone with my gut... I was expecting it to taste like chicken parm, and instead there was a shrimp fishiness... it just wasn't good at all. We stopped at Pelican's and got Fruity Pebble sno balls for dessert. Here are pics from dinner:

They gave Gus a Buzz Lightyear GIANT mug!!! He loved it!

We got home and I took a few pictures of Gus before bed:
Grabbing the ice cubes that Steve dropped

Steve was helping him pick them up

Flirty boy

Gentle with Purry LOL

Today Steve found out that one of his co-workers (Paco), lost his wife last night. She was in her early 40s... and they have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader. He's now a single dad raising two kids. It came as a complete shock to Steve and rumbled his core. He and I talked about it on the way to dinner and both of us got choked up... it's horrific and very very sad. Our prayers and thoughts are being sent to God to take care of Paco, his children, and all of their family. She had recently had a brain issue and they thought they got it before it exploded... and she was on experimental treatment at Duke and of three people that had received it... two were dead. She now joins them. Anyway-- very sad...

Anyway- on a different note... today I worked on my classes a bit. It's all typing basics and a little boring, but Steve thinks it's a good idea to just give it 100% and maybe I'll actually learn to type the way that you're supposed to. I do a great job of typing, but I don't keep my fingers on the "home row" like you're supposed to... we'll see.

I got a FB message from Sharon and C and we're organizing the birth family gathering. We'll be going to Sharon's cottage on the island, and it should be fun. I think Gus will have a great time!!

Here are pics from a year ago:

I'm off to study...


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