Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 47

So yesterday we made the twelve-hour trek to the mitten. I wasn't sure how Gus would do in the car, and I was hoping that it would go well. Steve was up at 3:30 and I was up at 4:00 and we were on the road by 5:00. We stopped at McDonald's around 5:45 and then didn't stop again for a while. Gus fell asleep and was sleeping until around 8am.

The entire ride was pretty uneventful. It wasn't until we hit the Toledo area that Gus started to want out of the carseat. He had been in it for about 12 hours at this time, and just wanted to get out and play. He was also tired, so after we went through Toledo and hit the border (YAY for MI), I gave him a bottle and he instantly fell asleep.

We arrived at my parent's house right at 5:30 and it was so great to see them! They were amazed at how big Gus was and how much he is able to do. He played for a little bit with a chair that Scott and Christie brought over for Lily.

We were so hungry and my mom ordered us Hungry Howies for dinner. I LOVE Hungry Howies and it was delicious!!! I love their flavored crust!! We also had Greek salad with it and it was soooo good!!

It was about time for bed, and Gus didn't actually go to bed until 9pm (well past his bedtime), so Steve and I took him upstairs and crashed. It was a perfect end to a great day!

I definitely think it's better to get up earlier and drive a little in the dark and then arrive when it's still light and have a decent amount of time during the evening to spend visiting before having to go to bed.

Here are some pictures from the drive:

I'll post again later tonight with pictures for Day 48.


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