Saturday, February 19, 2011

Days 49 & 50

Yesterday we didn't go anywhere, and my SIL Christie came over with my nephew Alex and my niece Lily. We had a great day with them and I enjoyed taking lots of pictures of Alex, Lily, and Gus playing together. Gus absolutely LOVES his cousin Alex!! My mom made her famous spaghetti for dinner. It was soooo yummy!

Alex kissing Charlie

My FAVORITE picture!!!!

Then today we met my cousin Jessica for lunch and also met up with Gus's birth Great Aunt Sharon and her family (Gus's second cousins). We went back to their place for some fun. They gave Gus this GIGANTIC stuffed frog and he LOVED it! It's not a pillow pet... it's a BED pet!
Gus and his froggy bed pet

He looks tiny on the GINORMOUS frog!

Gus and his Great Aunt Sharon :)

Gus and my cousin Jessica (also his God Mother)

The Conlen Family (Gus's birth mom's aunt, uncle, and cousins)

Gus and his second cousin Madelyn
We came home for a brief minute and then we met Scott, Christie, Alex, Lily, and Christie's mom and husband at Buddy's Pizza (one of our favorite places to go). We had a nice dinner with everyone. Scott had to work a double so we didn't get to see him. :(

After dinner we headed to Wal-Mart to get some ice cream and more formula for Gus. He had a rough night and Steve had to snuggle with him to get him to fall asleep. Tomorrow we're meeting Gus's birth mom's family for some fun at Jungle Java and my friend Anne. I can't wait to see Anne!!
See you tomorrow!


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