Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 51 (2-20-11)

Gus and his birth mom's family

I'm writing this for yesterday since we were super busy all day and then I didn't have a chance to post last night.

Yesterday we picked up our nephew Alex and then headed to Jungle Java to meet my friend Anne for some fun. Anne is one of the best people that I know and I absolutely love her. I met her through my friend Amy Hoski. Anne did some pre-student teaching in my 3rd and 5th grade classrooms and I just found so much in common with her and always loved talking to her. 
I last saw her in the fall of last year when she and her husband Jon were passing through the Raleigh area. She and I met for dinner and I told her about our plans to adopt. We hadn't started the process yet (or maybe we had... I don't remember) but she told me that it wouldn't matter if I birthed the baby or not, the minute I looked into his eyes, I'd be his mom and love him the same as if I had birthed him. She was so right.

Anyway, I was so excited to see her and meet her two little ones, Cole (2) and Ava (4). We were supposed to meet Mitch and Jess but they cancelled due to the weather.
Ava loved Alex and the three of them played while Anne and Steve and I played with Gus. Anne's family gave Gus the book The Mitten as a board book (it's actually my favorite book from my childhood), and then these super cool blocks. They're actually his first blocks!

Here are some pictures of the time with Anne and the kids:
Anne and Gus 
Gus and Daddy chillin


Ava enjoying her lunch in comfort

Ava and Gus playing (she loves babies)
Anne and Cole

After we had lunch, it was about time for Gus's birth mom and her family to show up at Jungle Java. I was not as nervous about seeing them as I was on Thursday meeting H's family, but I was still a little anxious.

We met Gus's birth mother and her mom at the hospital when he was born. We met them again at his baptism on May 22nd, but that was the last time we saw them. At the baptism, C brought her friend M with her, and throughout the baptism, M was crying. :(  She was very sad when she and C said goodbye and asked that we please take care of Gus.

So when they all showed up, it was P, and her husband T, as well as their two sons (C's brothers) Z and N, and then their friend E, and then C was there with M. They brought Gus a ton of gifts including a pull and play xylophone, Elmo, super cute outfit, bee pillow pet, and a GIANT bear from his uncle Z.

Here are some pictures from the meeting:
Gus and his birth mom C

Gus with his birth grandma P

P and Gus giving him his bee pillow pet that his birth mom named "Mayor Bee"

Gus and his birth grandpa T

Playing with his birth mom  :)

Playing with me  :)

C and M wanted to take Gus into the big-kids play area...

Gus and his birth mom <3

Gus and his birth uncle Z (he gave Gus the bear)
While everyone was visiting, C was holding Gus and he was playing with her bracelet that she was wearing. Of course, he chews and sucks on everything he can get into his mouth, and her bracelet was something he wanted. She ended up slipping it off and gave it to him. Before she left, Steve asked her if she wanted it back, and she said that Gus could keep it. It'll be something we keep forever and something he'll probably wear when he's a little older. It was very sweet.
Gus chewing on C's bracelet

Gus wearing his birth mom's bracelet  <3

We spent about two hours with his birth mom's family and then we headed back home. It had started to snow and while I love snow occasionally, I don't like driving in it, and I am over the cold. Especially since it's 75 at home.

We got home and shared the pictures with my mom and dad and then it was time to head off to dinner. We went to Outback (our favorite) and had dinner with Scott, Christie, Lily, my parents, and Mary Breeding. Mary is an old family friend (I wrote about her a few posts ago when I sent her a letter for my 52 Weeks... 52 Letters project).

Here are some pictures from our fabulous dinner:
Gram, Pap and Gus and Lily

Scott with Gus and Alex

They look good with three kids right??

Gus and his God Father  :)

Gus checking out Uncle Scott's shirt

After we left Outback, we treked through the snow and made it home safe and sound. We watched some television and then it was time for bed. I'll post again later today for Day 52 (today).



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