Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 56

Gus in his new wagon with his bear

We got up this morning around nine and I was so thankful that Gus got his full twelve hours last night. He woke at midnight and then again at six, and then thankfully went three more wonderful hours. He had another late night tonight, but at least got two solid naps during the day today.

Steve and Sue Ann went to Wal-Mart around noon and came back with Subway for lunch and they also bought Gus his very first wagon. This thing is the absolute best gift that Gus has received so far. He LOVES it! Steve and I are going to use it instead of the stroller when we go to the Planet Earth Festival in April.

Anyway, Steve's dad was so excited to take Gus for a trip around the block in it. At first Gus wasn't sure how he felt about it, but he really enjoyed it, and I don't know who enjoyed themselves more, Gus or his Grandpa Walker.  :)

While Grandpa was taking Gus up and down the street, I decided to take some pictures of things around the house. I am quite pleased with my pictures!

After playing outside for a bit, Wendy came home with Ryan and the girls. They had gone to pick up Kaitlyn from school. I took a few pictures of the girls and think they turned out really cute! Gus absolutely adores Wendy. :)   It was nice for Steve's dad to meet her as well, since I talk about her non-stop.
The classic picture of the little sister chasing after the big sister...  <3

My amazing best friend  :D

I absolutely LOVE this picture of K! You can't see her face, but it's such a pretty picture!!
Wendy and K

The child refuses to let me take her picture!!!!

After a little bit outside with Wendy and the girls and Ryan, we headed inside and Gus took another nap. When he got up, Steve and Sue Ann wanted to take him on a walk with the dogs. They were gone for about 30-45 minutes and Steve came home while they were out. When they came back, I headed back outside to take more pictures of Gus with his hoodie and sunglasses. He's truly too school for cool.  ;)

It was about time to head out for dinner, so I took a few more pictures of Gus with his grandparents, with Steve and I FINALLY got a picture of the three of us. :)

We went to Mamma Mia's for dinner and of course had an excellent meal. I just love that place and haven't had anything yet that I don't love. We stayed for a really long time just talking and enjoying the company of Steve's dad and Sue Ann. After a nice dinner we came home and now it's bedtime!

There's talk of Steve and Sue Ann taking Gus to the beach tomorrow. Not sure if it's going to happen... Sue Ann REALLY wants to put her toes in some sand and see the ocean, but not sure if they'll go. If they do, and they take Gus... it'll be the first time EVER that Steve and I will be alone in the house without Gus. We'll see...

I'm making this new recipe tomorrow. It's Dr. Pepper BBQ pork and I'm eager to see how it is!! I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow with news on how it went. We're having Steve's delicious hash brown casserole for breakfast tomorrow and I can't wait!!



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