Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 57

Okay so I totally forgot to take a picture of dinner from tonight, but it was soooooo delicious! Talk about an easy recipe too! You just add a pork roast, 18 oz bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce and 12 oz of Dr. Pepper and then add it all to the crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours or so. I also made roasted red potatoes and sauteed asparagus.

Today my party pack for my Philly Cream Cheese Dinnertime Dilema Cooking Creame party came! There are wooden spoons for everyone as well as coupons and a magnet and note pad. I got an oven mitt and skillet for hosting, as well as coupons for free stuff so I can make items for everyone to try at the party. I can't wait!

Today we went shopping for some clothes for Gus and I had wanted to get some things for 12-18 months, but since it's the winter clearance, I got things for next winter, so I got 18-24 month clothing. So strange to buy things in that age-range but I know it'll be here before I know it! Now I just need some stuff for the spring/summer that's 12-18 months. I'm such a cheap-o... I found a TON of really cute stuff at Old Navy, but it wasn't on sale and I know how fast Gus grows out of things. I just can't bring myself to pay more than $3 for something. I think maybe this next week or two I'll head back to Once Upon A Child or Kid-to-Kid and see if I can get some spring/summer clothes for Gus without spending an arm and a leg.

This morning Steve made his hashbrown casserole (yummm) and we had that for breakfast while we watched GAC (Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel). Steve's dad and Sue Ann had never watched a full episode... I was worried that they'd hate it, but it was a good episode and I think they liked it. While we were watching, Steve had Gus in his lap and they were playing with one of the apps that Steve has for Gus on his iPad.
Before our trip out for some shopping and lunch, Steve's dad and Sue Ann took Gus and the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. Again, Gus was in his wagon and was beyond thrilled to be going again!!

When they got back from their walk, we headed to Old Navy and then to Red Robin for lunch. I swear today something was wrong with my brain connection and my speech. I SWORE I ordered one thing, and instead something different came out. When I asked if I ordered it, everyone said I did. I was certain that I said one thing, but said something else. I hate when that happens!
We hit up the Teeter for some asparagus and then I had an e-Vic coupon for two 2-Liters of Coke for $0.70 each and I used it on Diet Coke for Sue Ann. She got some fruit and veggies for their drive home tomorrow.

While we were out shopping today, I got a call from my friend Lisa. She's one of the Scholastic Teacher Advisors that I met last year and LOVED. She and I spent all our time together along with Kristen and Jon. The four of us did what we called the "Food Network Tour" and went to a few places in NYC that have been featured on various shows on the Food Network. She called me to tell me that they were out enjoying part II of the tour and they were thinking about me. :)  It made me really happy to know that they were thinking about me and missing me. They all said that the trip is okay, but not the same without me. It was awesome to hear about the fun that they're having and what things Scholastic has instore for them. I hope I get the same goodies that they got... we'll see if they actually send me the stuff like I was promised.

Anyway... we came home and then I made dinner. We had a nice dinner, Steve took an awesome video of Gus being himself at dinner. He and his grandma spent some time together while we cleaned up the kitchen.

We gave Gus a bath and took him to bed, and then the four of us watched Kitchen Nightmares and Modern Family from our GIGANTIC list of DVR'd shows that we need to get caught up on! It's now time for bed. Steve and Sue Ann are leaving around 5am tomorrow... it was a great visit with them and we're looking forward to seeing them in May. They bought Gus some nice clothes today and one of the things they bought was a cute pair of swimtrunks and a cute top. They want to go to the beach when they come back in the summer and Gus will be sportin' his cute clothes that they got him today!

See you tomorrow!


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