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Days 52, 53, & 54

February 21, 2011
February 22, 2011

February 23, 2011

Okay, so I'm three days behind. I hate being behind, but with being on vacation, there wasn't a lot I could do about it. By the time I actually could get on and post a blog, Gus was ready for bed and we ended up going to bed when he did because we didn't bring the baby monitor with us.

Anywho... let me backtrack to Monday. It was President's Day and thankfully my dad had the day off of work and was able to spend the day with us. We got up and decided to rearrange the pictures on my mom and dad's livingroom walls. I decided that each of us kids (me, Scott, and Dave) would each have a wall where my parents could hang pictures of us and our family on that particular wall. Being that there were NO pictures of Gus on any wall, we wanted to head to the store and get some frames. :)

My dad and I took Gus outside for some pictures in the snow. I had asked Steve to come with us so my dad could take one of us as a family, but Steve had work stuff that he was doing and he wasn't able to come outside with us. Here are some of the fun pictures from the snow:

Gus and my dad

LOL not sure about this face...

I love my boy so much!

Curious about what snow tasted like...

Deciding to try it

Licking some clean snow

Gus is such a joy. He really lights up my entire world. He didn't cry at all outside, and let me take a lot of pictures. He was very squirmy for my dad and I laughed at how much he wanted to just get down and play in the snow. Once he was down, he wanted back up.  :)

We came inside from the snow and decided to go get lunch on the way to see Scott's new house. It's not his yet, but they're hoping to buy it, and we were excited to get a chance to go see it. However... because of the snow, the realtor didn't shovel and said we couldn't go inside because it was a liability. So instead we enjoyed our time at L. George's Coney Island a little longer than we had planned, and then we headed to the Dollar Tree to get some frames for the walls.

We ended up getting about 12 frames, and then we bought Alex a magic kit, and Lily a magic wand/batton and then two map/word search things for Christie to use with Alex. We then rearranged the pictures in the livingroom and hung up the pictures of Gus that I had recently sent to my mom.

Scott and Christie came over for dinner and we had a great time with them and I loved watching Gus and Lily interact with each other. It's times like that, that I REALLY wish we lived closer. I want Gus to grow up knowing his cousins. While we were talking, we realized that Lily, Gus, and Charlie will all be about nine-months apart. Isn't that crazy? This time next year, Gus will be the age that Lily is, and Charlie will be the age that Gus is, and Lily will be 2.5!!

"Lil the Pill" as my parents like to call her  :)

I can't believe how grown up Alex is getting!!!

Lily and her wand/baton

Gus and Steve

Eating with one hand and holding the wand with the other...

I think she looks like her mama here...

Can you say MINI ME??

Scott throwing Elphie into the air... LOL

A cute picture of Elphie

Re-creating the pictures that I took when Lily was in the womb

I just think this is the most beautiful picture!

Everyone chilling out... watching Lily dance

My mom and Lily have the same hair!

Gus climbing on Steve

Gus and my parent's dog Max

We said our goodbyes and then we had to head to bed because we wanted to leave at 4am the following day.

Fast-forward to Tuesday (yesterday). We got up at 4:00 and started to load Chuck. Gus keep sleeping and I let him sleep as long as possible before waking him up. I expected him to wake up on his own, but he was exhausted. We got up, then he said goodbye to Gram and Pap and we said goodbye. I hate saying goodbye to my parents.

I hate that we live so far away from them. It KILLS me when we leave and everytime I cry. I'm crying right now just thinking about it. I think it's even worse now that I've got Gus and I want him to be near them as much as possible. I know it's not possible, and unless they move here, we're not going to live near them again, but it sucks.

Anyway... the roads were not too bad and we got on the freeway and headed out of town by 4:45. We stopped in Toledo for breakfast and the roads still weren't too bad. The sun had not come up yet, and the traffic was light. Then we hit the Cleveland area and all hell broke loose. The roads were NOT plowed... the sun was coming up and blinding... and to make everything worse, the windshield wiper line was FROZEN and Steve could NOT get the fluid to come out and clean the windshield. It was so scary. He had to roll down the window twice and stick his head out so he could see- that's how bad it was.

We had to stop four or five times to clean the windows because the fluid wasn't coming out. The roads were slushy and dirty and after getting back on the freeway, within a minute the windshield was impossible to see through. AND it was like 19 degrees, so the slush on the windshield was freezing and made it even more difficult to see.

Once we got through Cleveland it wasn't as bad, but the windshield washer fluid was frozen until 1pm. We had bad roads until we hit West Virginia. It set us back an hour or so and made the drive even more difficult than it usually is.

Gus during one of his cranky times in the car

Entertained by the panda pillow pet that his birth aunts gave him

So excited to be home!

We got home around 6:00. We unpacked the car and then had a little bit of time to wind-down. While we were gone, Wendy was watching the cats and getting our mail for us. She also cleaned our house, and organized all of our kitchen cabinets, AND cleaned and organized our coat closet. She's amazing. I'm still not 100% sure where things are, but it's so nice and clean!!

We went to bed early last night and I uploaded pictures from my camera and my phone. I had a lot of pictures... over 700! I started photoshopping them but had to call it quits and head to bed.

I love and missed my bed so much while we were gone. Gus slept until about 7:45 this morning... again, I wanted more time to sleep, but it wasn't happening. I grabbed Gus and took a shower and then we headed downstairs.

I was supposed to go to a TM event this morning, but when I got the reminder last night, I decided to take my name off because I was tired. I wanted to watch The Bachelor... and so when we came downstairs, I made Gus a bottle and myself a bagel and then I watched The Bachelor. I'm surprised that he sent home the funeral director... I thought the dentist (who isn't a dentist YET BTW) should go home. Anyway, I really hope he picks Emily because she's pretty, classy, and sweet.

Gus took his morning nap and when he got up, he decided to take off his diaper AGAIN. And yet, this time he had pooped in it, but I caught it before it became a POOtastrophy!

Anyway... I had hoped to see Wendy today, but with Gus's nap schedule being off this morning and then she had kids at her house this afternoon, it didn't work out. I'm going to see her tomorrow for sheezy though.

Here are two pictures from this afternoon of Gus:

While Gus took his afternoon nap (around 3) I was able to upload my pictures to FB. Then Steve got home and I made dinner (pan fried cheeseburgers and tots) and we watched American Idol from last week. It's now time for me to get to bed.

I'll blog tomorrow about my thoughts after experiencing the week meeting his birth families...

See you tomorrow!


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