Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 48

We had a great day today! Gus slept until about 8:30 and then we came downstairs to play for a bit. We ended up going out for some shopping around 11:30 and went to Big Boy's for lunch. Let me say that I absolutely LOVE Big Boy's and NEVER get to have it because we don't have any in NC. Steve HATES it, but will appease me and go. I thought our visit was delicious today!

After hitting BB for lunch, we went to Target and then Meijer (which we don't have in NC and I wish we did). We got some groceries for the week and then we hit up a 7-11 so I could get a much-longed for Slurpee. :) "Oh thank heaven..."

We got back to my parent's place and had about an hour before we had to head out to Jungle Java. As the clock approached 4:45, I got more and more nervous, and then when we got to JJ (right around 5:15) my stomach was in knots. I was extremely nervous and praying that the visit would go well.

Anyone who has an open adoption can appreciate the nervousness and anticipation when meeting the birth family for the first time after the adoption. I thought it could go one of two ways. Either it'd go extremely well (unlikely) or there'd be something that would upset me and the whole thing would become awash. Steve thought they'd be late... turns out WE were the late ones.

It was an incredible first visit. Gus was in a great mood due to a nap in the car on the way. My parents came with us to provide additional support and I am so thankful that they were there. Not only for the support, but so they could witness everything and give their perspective afterward.

Gus has three aunts on his birth father's side. L is the oldest (20), then D (16) and B (14). They were all there and it was wonderful because we only saw D at the baptism and the circumstances were less than desirable. His birth father, H was there as well and then so were H's mom L and dad C. For the most part, L and D were the ones who held Gus and then his birth grandma, L held him for a bit too. They seemed so happy to be near him and it was beautiful to bring our families together and see so many who love our little man.

They gave him a stuffed panda pillow pet, and then H wanted him to have a giraffe because giraffe's are tall, and he's tall (6'6).

We went into the baby play area and Gus had a blast. He was so happy and squealing with delight. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the meeting:
Gus and his birth Aunt D

Birth Aunt B

Gus and his birth aunts

Gus and his birth father H

I wonder what H was thinking as he looked at and held Gus...

Birth Aunt L, Gus, and H

Fun with birth Aunt D

Starting to get tired... Gus and his birth Grandma L

Gus and his birth Grandparents L and C

Gus and his birth father's family

I know that open adoption isn't for everyone, but after today, it was just incredible. I have known it was the right thing for Gus since we found out about it, and after spending the time with his birth father's family, it made me so thankful and hopeful for the future we will all have together.

I could have kicked myself for forgetting the pictures that I brought up for them... I'll be sure to give them to the birth mother's family to pass along.

After our play date, we headed to Eastside Mario's (one of my Michigan favorites) and met Scott, Christie, Alex, and Lily for dinner. It was so great to see them and to see how big Alex and Lily have gotten since July. Alex's looks are maturing, and Lily isn't a baby anymore. She's so big!!!

I had a great day with my mom and then loved spending time with my mom and dad, and then Gus's birth family, and ended the day with my twin brother and his family. It was just about perfect. Of course, I always think of Dave and his family whenever all of us get together and I miss him even more during times like today.

Anyway... Gus is in bed and I need to head upstairs and join him and Steve. Tomorrow should be fun to just relax and not go anywhere or do anything. Christie is coming over with Alex and Lily and we're going to just stay here and play and then have dinner. Then Saturday is our fun with my cousin Jes and Gus's birth mom's aunt and her children. Should be fun and then bowling with my brother's family after.

See you manana!


adrianne + will said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Glad everything went so well! Your open adoption is very inspiring and helps us to see where we need to go.

We never knew you guys were into bowling - it will have to be game on next time we meet up! (We are terrible, but we love it!)

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