Monday, January 19, 2015

What A Day!

Today we started our day with a visit to the dentist. The last time we went to the dentist, Gus flipped out and was crying so much that they moved him to their private room so he wouldn't upset the other kids. He wouldn't lay down and would not let them do anything more than count his teeth. Hugh wasn't on the insurance, so he didn't get to see the dentist that day.

Today was so much better. Our dentist relocated to a brand new building that they had made specifically for their practice and it is gorgeous!!! In the middle of the waiting room is a little circular half wall where the kids can go in through a door and play. There's also an awesome tunnel from the front door to get into the building that's just for kids. Inside, there's a theater room and above it, there's a game room. One side of the waiting room has stairs to go up to the game room, and the other has a slide. Talk about fun!!

Gus went first in the chair and I was so proud of him!! He let the dental hygentist clean his teeth and count them, and then he went for x-rays while Hugh had his turn in the chair! Both boys did a great job today and earned a bravery certificate and prizes from the prize wall!!

After our morning of fun, we headed to Newtown Park for some exercise and fresh air! The boys loved being at the park and I loved the warmth that the sun provided this morning!

Eating an apple

It was just after 12:30 when we left the park, so we headed to what Gus calls "My City." AKA: Burger King. LOL  We had lunch and the boys played and then it was time to come home so Hugh could nap.

I love that I got to spend today with Gus and Hugh and we had a lot of fun together!!


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