Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Karate Testing :: Baeoh Belt 12-18-14

Baeoh the Tiger

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I'm totally behind in blogging... so terribly sorry!!! My goal is to blog each night with something that either happened (to get caught up), or my thoughts on various topics (once I'm back on track with updates).

Going back to December, Gus had his test for his Baeoh belt! He was very excited about this one, because after Ara, they go from Tiger Level I to Tiger Level II. Cool things start to happen once they get to Level II.

One of the things that Gus had to do for this test was to recite the Tiger Oath all by himself. This is a HUGE deal for so many reasons, but the main one being that he's in special needs preschool for speech delays and sensory processing disorder. Karate has been such a wonderful thing for Gus. It's given him an outlet for his energy, has been teaching him about manners, respect, and teamwork, and he's learning how to focus and stay disciplined. I credit all his success to his amazing instructors.

When it was time to recite the oath, Gus was amazing. He was loud, proud, and just was spectacular. Of course, I had tears in my eyes as I watched him recite the words that they say before every class, and I was so proud of all that he's accomplished. (See video below)

After the oath, they did a few practice drills of their form and then they worked on stranger danger. I love that they work on this because you never know when your child would need to know what to do if a stranger tried to approach them. 
(See video below for his stranger test)

Once the stranger test was finished, they had to do their form. Each new belt brings new basic moves that they add to the ones learned before. He learned Songahm I for his Ara belt and then had to do Songahm I and an additional part for the Baeoh belt. He's learning Songahm II right now and will be tested on this for the next belt (February). (See video below)

The last part of the testing is when they get presented with their new belt. Because he's at the beginning of the program, he gets a matching patch with each belt. Eventually, he'll keep the same patch and just get the next belt (like a 1/2 step).

 (See video below to see him presented with his belt.)

We are now in the class for level II and III kiddos and it's like a whole new game. He's in class with kids that have been in karate for a lot longer and have much higher belts. They usually do the warm up together and then Mr. Burns takes the level III kids and works with them, while the other instructors work with the level IIs. 

Gus loves going to karate and has been doing so well lately. He's been asked to be the leader and been earning high-five awards left and right. He has almost completely filled up his first star card (25 stars to complete-- 5 high five awards= 1 star). We are so proud of him and have really enjoyed watching him grow and learn through his twice a week classes. 

Next belt:

Cheeri the Cheetah


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