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Halloween 2010

Halloween 2011

What a busy day!!

Gus slept all through the night last night for the first time in days. He woke up around 7:45ish and we were all up around 8:30. Here are some morning pictures:

This morning we had two guys come out to look at the walls and floor and tell us what it'd cost to paint/repair. It's a good deal and they also do power-washing, so they're going to power-wash the siding. It's saving us $50!

When they arrived, Gus and I headed to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping. I vow to not shop on a Monday again... Wal-Mart was out of everything!! I found the Mega Blocks table in the clearance section and decided to pick it up for Gus to have in Atlanta this next week. It's easily folded up and I can bring it with the Mega Blocks and he'll be happy as a clam!

We played with his table for about 45 minutes this afternoon!

Of course the box was just as much fun as the blocks!

We tried to put Gus down for an afternoon nap but he wasn't having it. He must have been too excited for his first Halloween with trick-or-treating!! Unfortunately, it was COLD and RAINY.

Since he was not going to nap, we came back downstairs and I pulled out his Tot Pack and we played with the stuff inside. He's not quite old enough to get it yet, but we talked about colors, numbers, sizes (large and small) and then we did a rendition of "Five Little Monkeys." The entire Tot Pack was centered around monkeys... maybe we'll try again in six months!



Pulling out the different sized monkeys

Great for sorting sizes

Gus got a card in the mail today from his Gram and Pap! Not only was it a cute card, but it had THREE sheets of Halloween stickers inside too!!! He was so excited to open his mail!!

I made kielbasa and sauerkraut for dinner (in the cock-pot). It was yummy (I added brown sugar to the mix to cut down on the bitterness of the sauerkraut), but Gus wasn't hungry for it. We finished dinner and got ourselves ready for trick-or-treating.

 Since it was cold and rainy, I knew that dressing Gus as a gnome would be a bad idea. So instead, we went with our old pal Elmo. Not only is it comfortable for Gus, but it's warm too. I put on his $5 light-up Sketchers that I bought months ago and have never used... and they were perfect for two reasons. 1) They're rubber soled and would be good in the rain (unlike is Shoo Shoos that are leather and soft-soled) and 2) They light up as he walks, which is perfect for being out in the dark!

Elmo Gus was ready to roll with his pail

The front (this was a Happy Meal container)

The back

Totally ready to roll!

Steve took the umbrella-- it was pouring!!!

Steve wasn't sure if he'd be able to be home today, since he's supposed to be in Atlanta this week. Thankfully, World 50 is very understanding and supports families, and told him to stay home to celebrate Gus's first Halloween and come down tomorrow! I'm so thankful that he was here with us. Not only was it special for Gus, but it meant a lot to me too.

"One... two... three..."

Braving the rain

Gus's first house to trick-or-treat at was our neighbor's house... Gary and Karen (their boys usually take care of the cats when we're on vacation)

I needed Steve to fix the music, so he and Gus came back and I sat with Gus while Steve worked his magic. Gus was so excited to have a candy bar... he kept putting it near his mouth. I soon learned that he bit right through the wrapper and was trying to eat the Snickers!!

Such a turkey boy!

If you look closely... you can see where he'd been gnawing through the wrapper!

PROOF of chocolate!!

Totally buzzing from candy and ready to head out for more!

An action shot!!!  <3

Steve and Gus heading across the street to Wendy's

Getting goodies from Wendy

Two years ago (I think it was two... maybe three?) I met Wendy for the first time. Steve and I were outside getting the house ready for Halloween and she came over and introduced herself to us. She thinks I was rude for not coming to her and introducing myself when they moved in (September), but that's not my style. Anyway, we call Halloween our "Friendaversary" because it's the anniversary of the beginning of our friendship. 

Usually she comes over here, Ryan takes the girls trick or treating and then she and I pass out candy together. She was too cold to come to me this year, so I went over to her house. Steve and I still had the strobe light and music, but I passed out candy from Wendy's house. I took some pictures of us celebrating our last friendaversary together.

Wearing the vampire teeth that we gave away this year to trick-or-treaters (hers are black and mine were green)

Steve and Gus finished their escapade around 6:50 and I headed home at 7:30. We didn't have nearly as many kids this year, but the rain and cold are probably to blame. It wasn't the greatest Halloween, but wasn't the worst either. I'm eager to see what our future Halloweens will be like in Georgia!!

After we put Gus to bed, Steve burned a few movies onto a DVD for me to use on Friday with Gus. I decided to get my GPS (Nuvi) and update her, and found that it was going to cost me almost $100 to update her with maps (she's a little out of date-- 2007). So instead, we decided to get me a new one... more features and updated, AND best of all, it comes with a lifetime of updates for traffic and maps. That in itself was worth the price!!

My new Nuvi will arrive Wednesday and I will have her to guide me to Atlanta. I rely on my navigation system so much... I'm lost without it. So I'm eager to see what features are on this one and to be able to use the traffic assist!! Should be great for traveling through Charlotte and Atlanta!!

Tomorrow morning we're taking Steve to the airport and then Gus and I are going straight to The Little Gym. It's all starting to really feel real. We've been moving at a snail's pace up to this point, but now that he's about to leave for Atlanta... it's like warp-speed and we've got a ton to do!! I'm praying that our trip is successful. I bought a binder with a folder and tabs for organizing our house-hunting. I'm hoping that Boss Hogg gets me info before Friday!!!

Here are a few pictures of Gus from last Halloween to end the night!
Burt and his bee

Buzzing through the warm air!!


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