Tuesday, November 01, 2011

30-Day Challenge: Day 1


This weekend while looking around on Facebook, one of the sites that I'm a fan of (Teach Preschool) posted a link to a Hands-On Play 30 Day Challenge for families. I decided to sign up and see what suggestions will come our way for thirty days of fun!! I figured it couldn't hurt to sign up!!

Today is Day 1: Jot down how you'd like to become more hands on with your kids through play, as well as note your child's interests!

I feel like I'm already REALLY hands on with Gus. We play all the time, but I think I want to start working on his letters, colors, and keep playing with blocks and building and sorting.

Things that Gus likes:
  • Cars and trucks (anything with wheels)
  • Blocks (Duplo, Mega Blocks and his wooden blocks)
  • Play kitchen and plastic foods to play pretend
  • Water-- playing in the bathtub
  • Magnets and his magnet board
  • Tools (hammers, broom, dust pan, screw drivers)
  • Pretend car (you can act like you're driving)
  • Musical instruments (drums, xylophone, guitar)
  • Art- drawing, coloring, playing with the water doodle
My personal mission statement:
I vow to spend at least thirty minutes each day playing with Gus and allowing him to guide the play and activity.


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