Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Day 305

November 1st, 2010

November 1st, 2011

November 1st always makes me think of my Grandma Burney. It's incredible to think that she passed seven years ago already. In some ways it's like, "only seven years?" and in others it seems like it's been a lifetime without her. I think of her often and today I said a prayer for my mom, that she had a peaceful day. I can't begin to think about life without my own mother, so today had to be rough for her remembering the loss of her mom. Anyway, I hope she had a good day and knows that I was thinking of her all day, especially this morning.

Today is All Saints Day. I prayed several times today to the Saints. I prayed that Steve would have a safe flight to Atlanta, that he'd have a good first day in the office, and that I'd be given patience with Gus as he flailed himself on the ground in a fit this evening. :-)

This morning was the first (of many) reality check that Atlanta IS happening and it's happening soon. I brought Gus downstairs and he started his usual bitching and complaining that he does when he sees/hears Steve (it's like his pitiful way to get Steve to come rescue him from me). I said, "Don't start crying..." and Steve was at the base of the stairs and said, "Who me?" with that I said, "No, Gus. You're not getting emotional are you?" He then told me that he was getting a little bit emotional. 

It was so very difficult to say goodbye today. I kept it together as we drove to the airport, but as soon as I hugged and kissed Steve, and he said goodbye to Gus... it was heart-wrenching. Gus came unglued and had his mouth open but nothing came out... it was one of those, my-heart-is-breaking kinda cries. After about thirty seconds, I heard the noise from the back seat and lost it myself. Gus was so upset to see his daddy leave and so was I.

The positive is that we'll be joining him in a few days and it's better than we had anticipated when he first took the job. We thought we'd have weeks at a time without being together, and so far, we've had four days(up to today). Gus cried and whimpered the entire way home from the airport (35-40 minutes). We were supposed to go to The Little Gym but he was so upset and just a hot mess. So was I.

We came home and listened to some music. We danced, we laughed, and we played with the Mega Blocks. The day got a bit easier. Then Gus napped and I worked on more stuff for the trip. While he was napping, my dad called and we had a good chat. It's nice to talk to him and hear how Halloween was for him. He and my mom went to Scott's to hand out candy while Scott and Christie took the kids trick-or-treating. I'm getting a bit homesick... I hope they're able to come between Christmas and New Year's... my tolerance level for time between seeing them is diminishing quickly!!

We had lunch and then played for the rest of the afternoon. I tried to put him down for an afternoon nap but he didn't want it. Instead, he had "quiet time" in his room.

Tonight I tutored Gulbike and then they took the dogs when they left. I'm so thankful that they're willing (and eager) to take the dogs for almost two weeks. It's a relief that they'll be loved, played with, and happy while we're gone.

Steve and I did Face Time tonight and it was great. Almost as good as being together in person! He told me about his day (it was good) and the hotel (they serve breakfast and dinner). I'm excited to get down there and check everything out!!

Tomorrow we're going to Kristen's for a Fab Five playdate. I'm excited to see them before we leave on Friday.

Here are some pictures of today:

He LOVES the Mega Blocks table!

Sitting in my lap as we played with the Mega Blocks

See you tomorrow!


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