Monday, May 04, 2009

1. I love to draw.

2. I can do just about anything as long as music is involved (my choice of music).

3. I have two Master's in the Art of Educaation degrees (Curriculum and Instruction & Administration and Supervision). I did them immediately after I finished my undergraduate studies and did them back-to-back. I am so thankful that I did, because if I had to think about going back to school now, I would pass.

4. I have visited 45/50 of the United States. I would like to visit Louisiana, Oregon, Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii before I die.

5. I can name all 50 states and capitals. I can also identify (with 100% accuracy) all states on a blank US map.

6. I am very passionate about my calling-- I am a teacher. I can't think of anything else that would make me as happy and fulfilled.

7. I feel sorry for people who have jobs that are just jobs. I would teach for free (sometimes it feels like I am working for free) if I had to.

8. My parents are still married after 34 years. They were/are the most supportive parents and I hope to be like them when I have children.

9. I have a twin brother named Scott. He is engaged to be married to a woman that I think was made for him. I am so thankful that she is in his life and loves him like I have always known he's deserved to be loved.

10. My older brother Dave is an amazing individual. He is doing something that he loves and is very passionate about. He's served our country as a US Marine and then served his community as a police officer. He's now on the fast-track up and working as a detective. He has seen things that no one should see, but he manages to keep it all in perspective.

11. I have a dog named Ned Flanders Walker. He's a rescue and our lives have been changed for the better because of him. He is the World's Greatest Dog and listens and does exactly what is asked of him. He is better behaved than some children.
12. As I've gotten older, I've realized that I gave up a lot more than I had ever thought by dating my ex-husband through high school. I've realized that I gave up me, and as a result, the course of my future was altered because I gave so much of myself to him. I've learned to never give more than you can spare to another person.
13. I have an obsession with shoes. I can always find a new pair that I want.
14. I love to sing on American Idol Karoke Revolution I and II on my Wii. I have saved some of my favorite songs and have scored 100% on those songs. It's boosted my self-esteem when it comes to my singing voice, and as a result, I've started to sing in front of my 4th graders.
15. I am a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta. I have no regrets when it comes to joining while in college. I have met some of the best people and found an outlet for some of my creativity and leadership skills.
16. I check out the Sunday Secrets on postsecret religiously every Sunday.
17. Whenever I hear a song by The Cranberries I instantly think about my freshman year at MSU. My roommate would "do the deed" with her boyfriend every Thursday night. I had an evening class. Every Thursday night at 11:00 I would turn the corner to head down the hall to my room and would hear The Cranberries. I would know not to go into the room. I HATE The Cranberries now.
18. I love to read and I am VERY picky about the kinds of books that I enjoy reading.
19. I am not ADD. Not in the slightest. I think some adults use it as an excuse and it bothers me.
20. I wonder if anyone is still reading this.
21. Sometimes I look at my husband Steve and fall in love with him all over again.
22. I love office supplies. I could spend thousands of dollars buying random supplies. My favorites are pens, markers, and paper.
23. I have my own business! It was suggested to me by two co-workers and I kinda laughed and dismissed the idea, but decieded to give it a shot. We'll see... I don't know if I'll get any business, but it's kinda neat to say that I am a business owner. :) Cat's Custom Classroom Creations is the name, you should check it out--buy something even.
24. I have dated four men named Chris.
25. I am scared to death that I will never have children of my own, and I won't know what a beautiful being can be made with a combination of my DNA and Steve's DNA.
26. Crossing the border (US into Canada/Mexico) scares me.
27. I love The Cure.
28. I tend to cheer for the underdog.
29. I am Catholic but don't buy into all that the Church sells. I looked for other religious that might be a better "fit" but I can't give up on the basic, fundamental beliefs of the Catholic Church. So I stay Catholic.
30. I am a rock star on Guitar Hero. Really.
31. My sister-in-law Heather is a wonderful person. From the moment I met her, I liked her. She's very funny and has a wacky personality at times. She is the mother of my two nephews and niece. She is one of the best mothers that I've ever seen, and she's a wonderful wife to my brother Dave. I am thankful that he found her and that she gives all that she does to my nephews and niece.
32. I've always wanted a horse. When I was little I said I'd get one when I was older. I'm older and I say I'll get one when I'm older. What if I get too old to enjoy a horse?
33. I love going to live baseball games. When we lived in Michigan, I loved going to Detroit Tiger games. Then we moved to NC and now I love going to Durham Bulls games.
34. I prefer the feel of the Durham Bulls games over the Detroit Tiger games. I feel spoiled by Minor League Baseball.
35. I have a natural ability to use/understand technology. I have/manage five websites.
36. I love giraffes. They are my favorite animals.
37. I also love three-toed sloths. I think they're so cute!!
38. My last favorite animal is a frog. Not a real one though. Real ones kinda creep me out. I like cartoon ones.
39. I have a tortoise. His name is Esio Trot (tortoise spelled backward) and he is a Golden Greek Tortoise. He is 35+ years old and was a gift for Teacher Appreciation Day in 2004.
40. At the end of this school year, I will have taught between 200-250 children.
41. I am very judgmental and I hate that quality about myself.
42. I tend to engage in gossip more than I should.
43. I can keep a secret, but it's VERY hard. However, I am trustworthy with secrets-- despite my knack for gossip.
44. I am usually very positive, however, one wrong move towards the dark side and I am toast. It's very difficult for me to refocus on positive things if I've been stuck focusing on negatives.
45. I am very honest. Almost to a fault.
46. I wish there was a way to just look exactly like I want to look. I've considered lap-band or gastric bypass, but I am not giving up on just being healthier and loving me for me.
47. I am scared to death of Alzheimer's. I don't want to get old because of it.
48. I am scared to death of not having the option of getting old.
49. I love mozarella sticks with ranch dressing. I am a connoisseur and have strong opinions about which restaurants have the best cheese sticks.
50. I can't believe I am only on number 50.
51. I was President of my chapter of Phi Sigma Pi Coed National Honors Fraternity in college. I joined PSP for the friendships, but also because I wanted to be around people who were smart and focused on academics.
52. I get very sad knowing how far away my nephews and neice are. It makes me sad to know that they don't really know me, and are growing up without seeing me. It makes me even sadder to know that when we have kids, our kids won't really know each other. This goes for my older brother Dave's kids and my twin brother Scott's kids.
53. I miss my friends in Michigan more than anything. I miss not having people who have a history with me around.
54. I wish my parents would move to North Carolina. I miss them more than words can describe. I cry every now and then when I start thinking about them and how much I miss them.
55. I started an Ecology Club at my school. My husband Steve inspired me. So did three of my students from last year, so they are the officers of the club. I don't know what I'm going to do without them next year!
56. I am so thankful that I am not teaching in Michigan anymore. I miss the awesome pay and the union, but I do NOT miss teaching with the team of individuals that I taught with.
57. I wish I knew how to play guitar. A real one, not Guitar Hero (I rock on that one).
58. I would like to get another dog. Maybe a smaller one (not too small) for Ned to play with.
59. I miss my cat Bob.
60. I've never met anyone like my husband Steve. He is the most wonderful person and my life is better because he is in it. He's smart, very handsome, funny, and caring. He loves me for me, and thinks I am perfect just as I am. I don't know where my life would be without him, and I can't remember life before him. I know he and I were made for each other because he appreciates things about me that no one else has, and I appreciate things about him that no one else has about him.
61. I believe in psychics.
62. I believe in ghosts/spirits.
63. I believe in the Holy Trinity.
64. I don't need a church to have a relationship with God. However, lately I feel like I need to go back. Something is missing from my life, and I think I know what it is. Church will help me find the answers to what I want to know.
65. I had an amazing childhood. I was loved by both parents and supported. Looking back, I don't know if I'd say we were poor, but we didn't have a lot. My parents did all that they could for us, and I never knew what we didn't have. It wasn't until I was older that I really realized how little we had, but it doesn't matter. It's shown me that you don't have to have material things-- you just need love.
66. I love lesson planning.
67. I hate doing report cards and parent-teacher conferences.
68. I get nervous everytime I get observed by my administrator. Even though I know I'm doing what I should be doing, and I'm doing it to the best of my ability, I get nervous that I'm doing something wrong. I blame one individual for making me feel this way.
69. I love shopping online.
70. I wish I had gone to a different school for my graduate studies. I just didn't feel like putting forth the effort and time.
71. When I think about my ex-husband... the first thing that I think of is, "Did that really happen?" I can't believe that it was all real and that I actually spent so many years (11) with him and that I actually married him. I can't say I wish I hadn't married him, because it's made me the wife I am for Steve.
72. I love the color orange.
73. My ideal vacation involves a beach and a pool. It also involves warm weather and no rain, and a lot of good food.
74. I am so glad that Steve works for Burt's Bees. Not only because he loves his job and is so happy, but because I LOVE their products. I am very spoiled because of it!
75. I think overalls are cute-- no matter how old the person is that is wearing them.
76. I think old people are the sweetest, most precious things on the planet. I have to stay away from them though, because I can't handle the idea of them dying. I could never work in a nursing home or hospital.
77. I miss my grandmothers more each day. I cry at least once a week thinking about them and how much I miss them in my life.
78. I can't wear flip-flops with the plastic toe thingy.
79. I love the climate/weather in North Carolina. I wish I had been born here. It's my favorite state.
80. My husband makes a mean breakfast.
81. I make some mean au gratin potatoes.
82. I like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
83. I like purses. From age 0-25 I never liked them. I got divorced and suddenly, the world of purses opened to me and now I love them!
84. I love going to the movies. My favorite part about going to a movie is the popcorn and pop (soda).
85. I'd eat out/carry out every night if I could afford it. Actually, if I could afford it, I would have a personal chef who would make all my favorite things, but make them healthy.
86. I do like to cook. I just need to have the time and focus to do it. I wish I was a better wife by cooking for Steve.
87. I do not like to clean. I've been doing this blog instead of cleaning the house.
88. I wish someone would nominate me for a teacher award. I've thought about nominating myself, but obviously won't. It'd be nice to be recognized for all that I do for my students. I know they appreciate me, but it'd be nice to get some recognition for it. Is that bad of me? :(
89. I like giving things to people. I like to make things and give them away as gifts. There's nothing better than to see someone's reaction to a unique, unexpected gift!
90. I miss going to the U.P. (Upper Penninsula of Michigan) for Labor Day weekend. When I look at pictures I get sad and want to go for this year. I know I won't be able to go, but I can dream.
91. I would love to own a beach house/timeshare/condo.
92. I am excited about visiting the Outer Banks this summer with Steve.
93. I love that I am only two hours away from the ocean!!
94. I love my Aunt Margie so very much. She is more than just an aunt to me and I miss her. I hold her very close to my heart. I also love my cousins (her children) Brandon, Corey, and Derek very close to my heart. Even though we're all older, I think about them and love them like they're my own siblings. I hope to raise my children with an extended family as wonderful as mine. I am so thankful that she and my mom were so close as sisters and decided to spend so much time together. The memories that I have with them are priceless.
95. My mom had a pretty crappy childhood. I hope she feels like her life got better when she had her children. I know each of our lives wouldn't be what they are without her, and I hope she knows how instrumental she is to our development as people. She is graduating with her Master's degree in Pastoral Studies and I hope she finally realizes how very special she is!! Sometimes we have to wait a long time to have things finally start to pan-out for us. I hope she sees her life as fulfilled and happy.
96. I have gotten closer to my dad as I've gotten older. As a child I didn't feel neglected by him until I hit puberty. Once I was in middle school-high school he kinda took a step back and didn't really do/say much with me. After I graduated from college, I feel like he has stepped back into his role as my dad and has made all efforts to be apart of my life. I wonder if he had just always been active how my life would be different. In any regard, I am thankful for the loving relationship he and I now have.
97. I love going to concerts. It doesn't really matter who is playing. I love live music!
98. I love my new car. I thought I would, but I really love it. It's the best car that I've ever owned and I am very excited to take it on a road trip!! Who knows where/when it'll be, but I am excited to take it on the road!!
99. I am very hard on myself and can be a bit of a perfectionist. It's gotten me to where I am today, so I can't say it's a bad thing. However, I wish I could just "settle" and be happy with things as they are, instead of always having to correct them and make them "perfect."
100. I hope people read this and leave me a lot of love on the comments!!


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