Sunday, March 06, 2011

Day 65

Well today was Sunday and it felt like a Sunday all day. We didn't do anything and I had hoped to have the cheesy hash brown casserole for breakfast but I forgot to buy ham on Friday (DOH!). So instead I made us eggs and bacon. It was good, but wasn't as delicious as hash brown casserole.

So Gus has decided to use his dino as it's meant to be used... as a walker. He was quite pleased with himself all day as he used it to walk all over the living room. There were a few times when the dino went faster than he was able to keep up, and he ended up falling. However, he was undeterred and got right back up and kept going.

We had an early dinner (marinated grilled pork chops, green bean casserole, and roasted red potatoes) and then dropped Gus off at Wendy's so we could head out to Raleigh for the SPCA Volunteer Event. It was so nice. We were asked to come and speak as owners of two of their favorite cats that were adopted.
One of the reasons we love Purry so much... he's such a friendly cat.

We were one of four families that came to speak to the volunteers about our animal(s). We were the third to speak and the only family that adopted cats. All the others had adopted dogs and they brought their dog with them. I told Steve we should have brought Purry. Oh well. They introduced us by showing a video clip of Purry purring... it was so sweet.

Anyway, we both talked, and I went first. I talked about going to see Quincy (now Bing Clawsby) and that we went into the "fat cat room" and saw Purry. Because we had arrived after adoption hours, we weren't able to adopt on that Wednesday and then on Thursday we talked about not just adopting Bing, but also Purry. Then Steve talked about how much we love Purry and Bing and what they add to our home. While we talked there was a slide show showing the pictures of the cats that I had sent them. It was absolutely wonderful and I was so honored to be there talking to the volunteers of the Wake County SPCA.

After the event was over, we were at our table grabbing the candy off the table (Dove chocolate cherry candies) and a few volunteers came over to talk to us and thanked us for coming and for adopting the cats. They said how much they loved Purry and were so excited to learn that he was finally adopted. The one told us that all the labs to laps animals were adopted and found their forever homes. It made us so happy to hear.

While we were there, Wendy sent us a text with a picture of Gus.
She put him in the laundry basket so he wouldn't fall off her bed, and she left to go put the girls to bed and when she came back, he was zonked out. It's so sweet. 

We got home around 8:30, grabbed Gus and put him to bed. We watched The Family Guy and now it's time for me to go to bed!!!


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