Saturday, March 05, 2011

Happy 36th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!!!

Christmas 1977?

So today is the 36th anniversary of my mom and dad saying "I do." They are two of my most favorite people and while they don't always get along (who does?), they make me smile and I know that they love each other. I have many pictures of them and the oldies are the ones that crack me up the most... there's something funny about seeing your parents when they were your current age... it's weird.

Anyway... here are some of my favorite pictures of them together:
Sometime in the 80s

New Year's at Aunt Karen's... late 80s?
David's graduation from Loyola (2001?)

With Dave at his graduation

Assembling meals together at Main Dish

Christmas 2006

FREEZING cold Tiger's Game- May 2007

Our 31st birthday dinner

Ann Arbor Comedy Club to see Haywood Banks

My starter wedding (2001)

Some holiday at my old house in Canton (2005?)

Mom's "flying up" IHM ceremony

Steak & Ale for their 31st Anniversary-- how things can change in five years!!

Lily's Baptism (2009)

With Lily

Frankenmuth-- October 2009

First visit to NC-- May 2008

Cider Mill-- October 2009

Labor Day 2006-- Mackinac Island

Picture of them at The Antlers in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Mom and Dad rockin' out to Guitar Hero on the Wii (2009)

I love this picture! September 2010

Wrightsville Beach, NC
November 2010 with Gus


Thanks for getting married mom and dad.... and for sticking together through ups and downs. You have shown me what marriage takes to make it and you are an inspiration. Making it to 36 years without killing each other... awesome!

Love you both!!!


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