Friday, March 04, 2011

Happy Birthday Dave!!

What kid doesn't love their older sibling? I guess the oldest wouldn't because they don't know what it's like to have an older sibling! I grew up absolutely idolizing my oldest brother Dave. It didn't matter what he did, he was the coolest to ever grace this Earth. To this day, I still look up to him and think he's the bee's knees. Seriously. I am so proud of the man that he is, the father to his children, the husband to his wife, the brother to his siblings, and the son to our parents. He's absolutely incredible and I am so proud to be his sister.

Dave is five years older than me. Actually, he's five years and seven months older. He turned 40 today and it doesn't seem possible that he's already 40. In my mind, he's still 18, but that's not really possible is it? Dave has a very dry, witty sense of humor, and when you get him and my twin brother Scott together, they're too much. They feed off each other and you can't walk away without your stomach hurting from laughing so much.

Dave lives in Arizona with his wife H and three kids (E, A, and B). Last I knew he was working as a detective for the state of Arizona... and started off as a highway patrol officer. I had the priviledge of doing a few "ride-alongs" with him, and it only made him shine brighter in my eyes. He's the kind of police officer that the world needs more of. He was always kind, patient, considerate, and caring. I remember one time, this girl had to go and get fingerprinted, and while we were at the station he bought her a Coke because she was thirsty. Another time, he picked up a girl who was drunk and had a warrent... she was probably in her late teens/early 20s and was for sure going to be going to jail and booked. He drove her to the Maricopa County jail and she was freaking out in the back of his squad car and was crying. She asked if she'd be going to jail and he lied and told her probably not and to just relax. While yes, he lied to her, he did it to calm her down, and it worked. I saw him help people with car trouble, and I was there when he had to talk to a victim's family at the hospital. He's done it all.

He's a former Marine and I can remember crying when he left for bootcamp. The song, "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues" by Elton John... always makes me think of Dave. While yes, he and I are siblings and the song is for lovers, the other parts of the song always made me think of him and miss him. He went to the Phillippeans and helped with the clean up of Mt. Penatubo... he also went to Okinawa, Japan for a while. The best was when we surprised him by making a visit to Camp Pendleton while he was stationed there.

So today is his birthday and I wanted to just write why I love him so much. He's always believed in me and always made me feel special. Growing up, I was a total tom-boy and would always want to play sports with Dave and his friends. He always let me join them with football, baseball, and basketball. I was always included and it made me feel very special.

Dave is funny. He is a little on the shy and reserved side until he's comfortable and then when he opens up, it's amazing what comes out. I think everyone in my family is like this. Scott is, I am, and my parents are too. We're like special presents... we're cool on the outside, but once you open us we're incredible.  :)

Anyway... Happy 40th birthday Dave! I hope the next forty years are as great as these forty have been!!


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