Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Day 61

This morning Steve woke me up around 6am to take pictures of him. He's going to be a guest speaker at something at UNC and needed a headshot. I took quite a few and was pleased with at least three. I photoshopped them and then sent them to him in the dropbox. He told me tonight that the chick that he sent them to said she'd take better ones next week. Whatever.

So Gus slept for a solid twelve hours last night and even went back to sleep for about 45 minutes this morning after I changed and fed him. I was surprised. He did not nap for more than 45 minutes all day today and we're hoping that he'll sleep all through the night again tonight.

Wendy came over this morning and she and I watched tv and then she and I went to get K from school and headed to Red Robin for lunch. I had a free appetizer coupon that expires in a few days. She and I then went to Borders because the one here is closing and I had a $20 gift card to use. I got a lot of great things and feel that I got a lot for $20.

 After shopping we went to Rita's for some Italian ice and custard and it was so delicious! We got home and there was a box waiting for me. I had no idea what it was, but was shocked to see that it was from my friends at Scholastic! They sent me a 2011 Teacher Advisor jacket (it's WAY too small), another bag and it was filled with books and a staple-free stapler as well as a cool timer. I was very surprised to see it!

Steve came home with Pizza Hut (it was okay... I wasn't in the mood for their pizza tonight) and we watched Idol from last night while we ate dinner.

I got a new camera app for my iPhone and it's awesome. I took a lot of pictures... what do you think?

I think it's pretty neat! I can't wait to get the new iPhone and use it with a camera that isn't crappy like the one I have now in my phone.

See you tomorrow!


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