Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 70

So yesterday was a VERY busy day. So busy in fact, that I am actually writing this tonight for yesterday. Here's what happened to make our day so busy!

First off, Gus celebrated turning ten-months-old yesterday. I can't believe it. Steve found a video of Gus on the day he was born and I couldn't get over how tiny he was and how much he's changed in ten months. It's truly amazing.

So I took the ten-month pictures and of course, they're super-duper cute. Here are just a few of my favorites (I took over 100):
So we enjoyed the morning and then around 12:45ish, my cousin Corey and his wife Heather arrived! They live in Michigan and were here in NC visiting Heather's family and wanted to stop in to see us on their way back to MI. It was so nice to see them and they hadn't seen Gus since July! However, they see his pictures and videos on Facebook and felt like they knew what to expect because of that.

Anyway, we had lunch together here at the house and then we all played with Gus and watched some television and then headed to Raleigh to meet Steve for dinner at The Pit. It was delicious (of course) and after we headed to Rita's for dessert. They LOVED Rita's and then we came home. We played with the dogs for a bit and I took some pictures of their dogs Charlie and Bailey. Charley is a yellow Lab and is three and then Bailey is a brand new Golden Retriever puppy!! It was so fun to see their dogs!! Here are the pictures from their visit:
Gus and Heather
Charley kisses for Gus
Of course, gotta examine Heather's mouth
Howell Family Photo
Corey with Bailey and Heather with Gus
Gus and Corey
Gus and Corey playing
Fun with Corey

It was a great visit but it was too short. They had to get back on the road this morning, so we said our goodbyes and told 'em we'd see them in May for Gus's first birthday!!



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