Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 69

Let's see... today Gus slept until about 7ish and then was up for a little more than an hour and then went straight back to sleep for another two hours. He pretty much slept away the whole morning. We came downstairs at 10:30 and played for a bit and then I wanted to take him grocery shopping right around nap time, with the hopes that he'd fall asleep while I was shopping. He did! I took the above picture while waiting for my lunch meat and cheese at the deli.

I love shopping during the week. There's no one there and I can get everything I need and get out of the store in about an hour. During the weekend, we spend so much time fighting people in the aisles and then have to wait forever in line to check out. During the week is so much better for us. AND I'm doing a pretty good job of not going totally crazy with buying a bunch of junk (although I did buy unnecessary things yesterday and a few today).

We got to the car and it started to seriously rain. We got home and I had the joy of bringing in groceries in the rain. That's the one part about shopping alone that sucks... bringing everything in and putting it all away by myself while Gus is crying because he wants to be held. :(

He didn't nap this afternoon and by the time 6:00 rolled around, he was done. He gets loopy and when he's that tired, he tends to hurt himself because he's not as careful as when he's not so tired. Tonight he decided to try and stand on the rocker chair and instead he flipped it over onto himself and had a major melt-down. He really just wanted to be held and cuddled, but he was distraught like you wouldn't believe. My poor baby.

I got a new bracelet (yes, from Amazon)... isn't it the cutest thing ever???
I found it while searching for items with the word Gus in them. Among books and whatnot, was this bracelet! It's so funny because I call him "Gus-Gus" sometimes. I love it and had to buy it!

Wendy left this morning for the beach and it was weird not seeing her today. It'll be weird that I won't see her again until Monday.  :(   Good thing I've got some fun planned for tomorrow and this weekend to keep me occupied!

Other good news is that Kristen is going to be the K15 play group coordinator for my Triangle Mommies group! I'm excited to FINALLY have a play group for Gus!! YAY!!  And, this other mom named Melanie contacted me about getting together next Friday for a play date with her 12 month old son! Kristen and Grace are going to join us and the three kids will play while we chat! I'm excited!!

Here are some other pictures from today:
I'm excited for tomorrow because my cousin Corey and his wife Heather are coming to visit! They'll be spending the night and leaving Saturday morning to head back to MI. We're going to The Pit in Raleigh tomorrow night and I'm so excited for some Carolina Style Ribs!!! :)

Saturday is my Philly Dinnertime Dilemma Cooking Creme party! I'm excited to use the creme and see what everyone thinks about it!!! 

See you tomorrow!!


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